Cheers! These Are the Best Canned Wines for 2023

They're convenient, easy to tote, and portioned just right for a picnic, beach day, camping trip, or sipping on the porch.

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Canned wine is better than ever, and you've probably noticed! These perfectly portioned sips are incredibly convenient, extremely portable, and never require the use of a wine opener. And with cans, the one friend who only ever drinks sauvignon blanc can do just that while the rest of the group sips rosé poolside.

Cans aren't just better for versatile drinking, they're also more sustainable than wine in glass bottles because cans require less packaging and are lighter, which means they requires less energy for transportation—and they're less likely to break in transit. When you combine all those facts together, it's easy to see why canned wine has become such a big deal.

Now that you're ready to embrace canned wine and are planning for a picnic, beach day, party, or a camping trip, which canned wines should you buy? There are a number of tasty, high-quality options on the market, and with more wineries offering canned wine every year, the options continue to get better and better. To help you navigate this increasingly crowded category, we're sharing some of our favorite canned wines. We're hoping you can find them at your local wine store, but we've included online sources, too.

There's one important thing to know about canned wine: Not all cans are the same size. Many canned wines are sold in 250 milliliter cans, which is the same volume as a third of a bottle, and some come in 125 milliliter cans, which is about one glass. Most of our picks are available in 375 milliliter cans, which are the equivalent of half a bottle. Some canned wines are sold by the individual can, others in a four-pack, and some are also available by the case, which is 12 cans.

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Best Sparkling: Cascadian Outfitters Sparkling White

sparkling wine canned
Courtesy of Cascadian Outfitters

Canned wine is magical and convenient, and those qualities are especially true of sparkling canned wine. For an occasion where you don't want to open a bottle, reach for a can to toast and celebrate, pouring into glasses is strictly optional. Our pick is the the new sparkling white Washington State's Cascadian Outfitters. It's crisp, and refreshing with notes of citrus, melon, and pear.

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Best Chardonnay: House Wine Chardonnay

chardonnay in a can
Courtesy of Original House Wine

Chardonnay is the number-one selling white wine for good reason, and it tastes great from a can. House Wine's chardonnay has the creamy apple, fruit-filled flavors and notes of vanilla that chard fans adore.

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Best Rosé: Underwood Rosé

rose in a can
Courtesy of Union Wine Company

The state of Oregon is renowned for its roses, and it turns out the cool, moist climate is also excellent for rosé, as this easygoing wine shows. Sip it poolside, porch side, or pair it with grilled fish, chicken, or summer salads.

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Best Bubbly Red: Scarpetta Lambrusco

sparkling red wine in a can
Courtesy of Drizly

If you're not familiar with sparkling red wines, it's time to give them a try. Lambrusco, a lightly sparkling red from Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, is a great place to start and a wine you'll want to quaff again and again. It's intended to be served chilled, and is very food friendly. It might just be the ultimate pairing for your grilled pizza or burger. The slim cans from Scarpetta are easy to tote and hold 250 milliliters.

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Best Summer White That's Not Chardonnay: Lubanzi Chenin Blanc

wine in a can
Courtesy of Lubanzi Wines

Crisp and creamy, this white is made from 100 percent handpicked chenin blanc grapes grown in South Africa's famous Swartland region. It's also vegan and fair trade certified.

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Best Red for Summer Sipping: Maker Pinot Noir

red wine in a can
Courtesy of Maker Wine Company

For a superb fruit-forward red you can drink any time, opt for this versatile pinot noir from Handley Cellars in California's Anderson Valley. It's available from Maker Wine, which was started by three friends who wanted to make premium wine from small winemakers, particularly women and minority-owned ones, widely available.

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Best Sparkling Rosé: Ramona Organic Dry Sparkling Rosé

sparkling rose in a can
Courtesy of RAMONA

This lightly sparkling Italian rosé from sommelier Jordan Salcito's Ramona label is made with organic montepulciano and sangiovese grapes from the Abruzzo region and is available in 250 milliliter cans.

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Best Red for Anytime: Bridge Lane Red Blend

red wine in a can
Courtesy of Total Wine

Bridge Lane from New York's Long Island has a red blend just right for the campfire or the couch. It's produced in small batches from local grapes and is a tasty Bordeaux-style blend of merlot, malbec, cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot.

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Best Variety Pack: Sans Wine Co. White & Rosé Wines

SANS wine variety pack
Courtesy of SANS Wine Co

Explore exquisite organic, vegan wines from single vineyards in Northern Californian with this 6-pack of 375 milliliter cans, two each of sauvignon blanc and rosé, and one can each of riesling and rosé bubbles. (They also offer a red variety pack or a mixed pack.)

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