Our founder's first-ever dining concept, The Bedford, opens this summer in Las Vegas, Nevada, and she recently gave us a glimpse into the bar and beverage menu.
martha with cocktails
Credit: Noe Dewitt

Earlier this year, Martha announced that she was opening her first-ever restaurant, The Bedford, inspired by her famed country farmhouse in Bedford, New York. The debut of our founder's Paris Las Vegas dining concept is swiftly approaching, and Martha is finally giving us a glimpse into the menu—specifically the beverage list, which will feature the lifestyle mogul's very own signature cocktails.

Recently, Martha took to social media to give viewers a close-up look of the bar at her new restaurant. "This is the bar at The Bedford by Martha Stewart at The Paris Hotel," she said in a video posted to Instagram. "These are the spirits which we are offering, [as well] as the most delicious mix drinks you have ever tasted." In the video, you can see a selection of spirits, including Maker's Mark whiskey, Casamigos tequila, and Cointreau—an orange liqueur Martha is quite fond of.

In the caption of her post, our founder shared three cocktails that guests will be able to order when dining at the farmhouse-inspired restaurant. "I have personally designed them all," she wrote, adding that the must-try drinks include her signature Pomegranate Martha-Rita, Sour Cherry Mojito, and Zubrowka Martha-Tini.

The Martha-Tini pays homage to one of our founder's favorite vodkas—Zubrowka—which she always keeps on hand at her own home. "I don't drink alone, just when I have a friend here or guests for dinner or cocktails. That's the only time I drink, but I always have that in the freezer," she said during an interview with Food & Wine. When she does enjoy the spirit, she serves it with fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice, vodka, a bit of lime, and lots of ice.

The other two recipes are ones we've tried first-hand—we can vouch for how delicious they are. But you don't have to wait for The Bedford to open to sample them for yourself. With the correct ingredients, you can made them at home whenever you please.

Pomegranate Martha-Rita

Cleverly named after our founder, the Martha-Rita is a delicious combination of freshly squeezed lime juice, tequila blanco, an all-natural triple sec, and a pomegranate concentrate. All of the ingredients are added to a blender with ice and mixed until they form a refreshing slushie consistency. "You want it icy, frothy, cold, and pink," says Martha.

cherry mojitos

Sour-Cherry Mojito

As visually stunning as it is delicious, our founder's Sour-Cherry Mojito is a fresh spin on a classic drink. Lemon juice and pitted sour cherries infuse the beverage with a tart bite, while fresh basil—which is used in place of the usual mint—imparts a subtle burst of anise flavor.


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