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These Laundry Bags and Baskets Make Toting and Sorting Your Clothes So Easy

Whether you're carrying your laundry to the basement or to the laundromat, these essentials help streamline the job.
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Transporting your dirty laundry from one place to another can be a messy job. It doesn't matter if you're moving it from your bedroom to the laundry room, or from your apartment to the laundromat—traveling any distance with a large amount of dirty clothes can be tricky. Needless to say, you need a bag or basket to help you get from point A to point B. Enter the following options, all of which you can buy right now—these laundry bags and hampers will make this transport process a breeze, however far you have to go.

Consider your specific laundry needs before shopping. If you have a big family, for example, make sure you're using an iteration that can carry the weight; options on wheels or with strong, sturdy straps are ideal. Or perhaps you live in a city and need to bring your laundry to a secondary location to be washed; a hamper that does double duty as a backpack will get you to your local laundromat or dry cleaners fuss- and hands-free. For wet or damp loads, like towels, you'll want to make sure you are utilizing a bag or basket that has room for air to circulate (like one made from mesh or built with wide, woven sides).

Whatever your needs, there are plenty of shoppable laundry bags, baskets, and hampers that will help you tote your clothes to the washer with ease, comfort, and style.

Shop the Best Laundry Bags and Baskets on the Market:

laundry basket
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Best Sorter: Honey-Can-Do Heavy Duty 3-Section Laundry Sorter


Keep whites, colors, and delicates separate with this three-section sorter. The heavy duty system comes with removable bags that have reinforced seams and steel handles, so you can pile each one high with clothes without worrying about breakage. What's more, the sorter has caster wheels that lock in place to keep it from moving around while you're moving loads. 

laundry basket
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Best Rollable: Food52 Steele Canvas Elevated Laundry Basket

From $129,

Blending form and function, this heavy-duty option features a canvas tote that sits inside a rollable steel basket, making it easier than ever to tote around your laundry. Available in four different rustic colors—gray, natural, olive, khaki, and navy—you'll find an option that looks great in any room of your home. Plus, it comes in a variety of sizes, including a triangle design that fits snugly in corners, as well as a smaller basket ideal for bathrooms. 

laundry baskets
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Best Stylish: West Elm Wooden Handle Hamper Baskets


Don't compromise the aesthetics of your home for laundry—this practical option will add a boho-chic flair to your space. Handwoven from palm leaves and finished with a rich mahogany handle, the basket guarantees long-lasting durability. After a few uses, simply wipe it down to clean and you'll be ready to add more freshly washed laundry to your stylish basket. 

laundry basket
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Best Knit: Curver Cream Knit Laundry Hamper


The last thing you want is for your dirty laundry to get even smellier when it's sitting in your basket waiting to be cleaned. Enter this knit-like option that allows air to circulate throughout. Although the pattern resembles a cozy sweater, it's actually made from polypropylene, making it durable and easy to clean. The two integrated handles make it easy for you to carry your basket down to the laundry room. 

laundry basket
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Best Canvas: Pottery Barn Canvas Navy Laundry Hamper Tote


This two-toned basket is handcrafted from cotton canvas and has a contrasting navy blue bottom that only adds to its sophisticated look. The easy-carry handles make it a breeze to haul clothes and linens from room to room, plus it can even double as a large tote for beach days or grocery shopping trips.

hanging laundry basket
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Best Hanging: Koroda Hanging Laundry Hamper


Save space in your bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, or wherever you keep your dirty clothes, by opting for this design that hangs conveniently on racks or over doors. The large bag fits a large load of clothes and its waterproof lining means you can store damp towels and bathing suits inside without worrying about mold forming. 

laundry bag
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Best Customizable: Uashmama Laundry Bag


Looking for a bag that fits in your closet or into snug spaces in your laundry room? This tall and narrow design is the way to go. It's also a great way to keep your laundry organized—each individual paper bag has a press stud system that allows you to attach as many bags together as you like. Add labels that can be written on with chalk to keep your lights, colors, and more separated. 

laundry basket
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Best Wire: Burke Decor Tosca Wire Laundry Basket


Go classic with this white wire basket that has two sizing options—small (which is perfect for intimates) and large (ideal for towels, bedding, and other bulkier items). The hamper's airy frame keeps your clothing fresh, even when it's waiting to be cleaned. If you're worried about toting around a wire basket, there's no need. This option comes with collapsible wooden handles that allow you to easily bring laundry from room to room with just one hand. 

laundry basket
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Best Basket: Food52 Olli Ella Handmade Tuscan Laundry Basket

From $89,

Fitting for any home, no matter its aesthetic, this basket from Food52 is handcrafted from 100 percent natural rattan. Its woven detail along the top and handles elevates its appearance even further. But there's more to this basket than just looks alone; it can hold up to 11 pounds of wet clothes—talk about heavy-duty!

laundry bags
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Best Waterproof: CalMyotis Large Laundry Hamper


This waterproof laundry bag is made out of high thread count woven canvas and uses imitation leather handles for extra durability when carrying heavy loads of wash. It also folds into a compact, flat surface that can be conveniently stored away when it's not being used.

laundry bag
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Best Oversized: Ikea Klunka Laundry bag


With enough space to hold 16 gallons of clothes, this laundry bag is the ultimate option for bigger families that have a lot of wash to get through. The plastic coating on the inside protects it from moisture so you can throw wet clothes and towels inside without worrying about damaging the bag. When it's not being used, simply fold it up and store it in your laundry room or closet.