In the latest episode of The Martha Podcast, our founder shares with guest Chelsea Handler that she is currently working towards a big milestone in the publishing world.
Martha Stewart Baking
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Our founder is an expert in all things living and she often shares her knowledge with others in the form of books. From her first original work—an entertaining manual released in 1982—to her most recent release, Martha Stewart's Very Good Things, our founder is no novice at putting pen to paper. But she is currently working to achieve a very notable milestone in the publishing world—writing her 100th book.

In today's episode of The Martha Podcast, our founder shared with guest and comedian, Chelsea Handler, that she is currently writing her centennial oeuvre. "What? 100th? How is that possible?" Handler asked. "Well, because I've had help along the way, but I've been writing books on various subjects all relating to living," our founder said.

Martha noted that the writing and curation process is difficult, partly because of the original photography required for her tomes, which contain beautiful images of everything from home design to cakes and pastries. On the podcast, Handler—who is also a published author—shared what her own writing process is like. "My process is I just throw it all down," she says. Handler begins once she gets all of her thoughts on the page, which is when she can refine her work, the comedian explained.

Beyond both being authors, Martha and Handler have a few other things in common. In fact, they share the same home state of New Jersey and are both one of six children. "I was very much the youngest, and now I'm in charge of all of them," Handler said of her siblings, adding that she regularly feels like the youngest and oldest simultaneously.

In addition to these commonalities, our founder has also been a source of inspiration, of sorts, for Handler. Following Martha's viral pool selfie, which broke the Internet in 2020, Handler posted a picture that mirrored the lifestyle mogul's own shot.

"How are your selfies coming along?" Martha asked her guest, who replied: "I'm waiting for you to inspire me because, when I saw that pool selfie of you in 2020—that was during Covid and lockdown—I thought 'oh, I can do that pose,'" Handler said. "I got right into my bathing suit and went down to my pool and I did my hair and makeup as close to yours as I could and I put that right out there and it was such a big hit."

Will there be more pool selfies in the future? According to Martha, it's possible. "I might have to do another one because I have a new pool," our founder said.


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