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The 10 Best French Hairpins That Stylists Say Will Actually Stay Put

These trending hair tools will help you craft the perfect chignon.
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If you're hoping to style a classic chignon or dress up a simple updo, the U-shaped French hair pin is a tool you need in your beauty arsenal. This two-pronged styling accessory, also known as the chignon pin or hair fork, can be used to secure your strands when you want to sweep them up and away into a look that goes beyond the traditional ponytail or bun.

And while you may have seen many iterations of this accessory recently—it's making waves in the hair world—it can be difficult to know which French pins will actually keep your hair in place. To help, we went straight to the source and asked celebrity hairstylists to share the pieces they personally recommend and how to use them so they stay exactly where you place them.

Why Stylists Love French Hair Pins

French hair pins are made from a myriad of material types and often boast fun designs. It's no wonder, then, that these unique pieces are trending: They're one of the best styling accessories to try, especially if traditional hair ties tend to cause breakage—and it doesn't hurt that they are particularly stylish. "A French pin allows for more creative styling, mainly in updos," says Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Andrew Fitzsimons Hair. "It's also a healthier option for the hair, as it prevents damage that other pins [and ties] can cause, such as pulling the hair [back or] down."

Celebrity hairstylist Matthew Collins agrees, noting that these pins "are meant to be visual." They add to your overall look, "rather than being hidden like most hair pins," he says.

Where to Buy French Hair Pins That Work

If you're in the market for one of these accessories, you have come to the right place. We asked both Collins and Fitzsimons to share their picks—and even threw in some of our own editor-approved suggestions—for the very best French hair pins to buy right now.

french hair pins
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Kristin Ess Full-Size French Pin Set


Simple and classic, the Kristin Ess Full-Size French Pin Set is Fitzsimons pick. You score two iterations in classic finishes—choose from gold, rose gold, or matte black—that will dress any hairstyle up or down. And for $10 for the set? It's the best value option on our list.

french hair pins
Credit: Courtesy of Lelet NY

Lelet NY Drip Glossy Hair Pin


For a real splurge, Collins recommends this beauty from Lelet NY. Its design was inspired by melted candle wax; the piece itself was made with a 14K gold plate—making it one of the chicest options on the market. It's also made to order, so the quality is top-notch. 

french hair pins
Credit: Courtesy of Judi Rosen

Mae Mae Hair Pins Lovely


How fun are these pins, complete with cool, wavy patterns and bright, bold colors? These acrylic pieces come in two sizes—4- and 6-inch—and work across just about any hair length and thickness level.

french hair pins
Credit: Courtesy of Deborah Pagani

Deborah Pagani Small DP Pin


If you want to really invest, go with another of Fitzsimons' picks: the Deborah Pagani Small DP Pin. It's made from stainless steel—one of the most durable materials you can choose, as far as hair accessories go—and is available in four metallic sheens for the sleekest possible look. 

french hair pins
Credit: Courtesy of Madewell

Madewell Machete French Hair Pin


Another one of Collins' picks, Madewell's Machete French Hair Pin comes in fun designs for more casual day-to-day wear.

french hair pin
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

The Hair Edit Sleek Chignon Pin


If you're hoping to create a simple bun or your signature chignon, this accessory from the Hair Edit should be your go-to. The shiny gold U-shaped pin is sleek, simple, and easy to use.

french hair pins
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Willbond 6 Pieces Metal Rose Gold U-Shaped Hair Pins


For a budget-friendly option, Collins recommends this set from Willbond. You get six hair pins made from hard-to-break metal in the prettiest rose gold color that will match virtually every outfit.

french hair pins
Credit: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Oribe Geometric Gold-Plated Metal Hair Stick


If you're striving for a minimal, modern vibe, turn to the Oribe Geometric Gold-Plated Metal Hair Stick. The durable pin holds the thickest of hair types (including curly strands!), while also looking particularly sleek thanks to its geometric design. 

french hair pins
Credit: Courtesy of Reed Clark

Reed Clarke Gold 4" Hair Pin


The Reed Clarke Gold 4" Hair Pin is made of brass, making it durable for ultra-thick hair. Its wave pattern will put a modern spin on your chignon, so be sure to leave it partially exposed—and embrace it like a true accessory.

french hair pins
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Scϋnci Metal U Pins


Here's another great value option: the Scϋnci Metal U Pin pack. You get three gold pins that are 2 inches long and in that classic U-shaped design. Use them to twist and pin hair into a bun, instead of using a traditional ponytail.