10 Items You Need to Pack in Your Wedding Dress Emergency Kit

Look your best—but plan for the worst.

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You are going to look gorgeous in your wedding dress, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared for unexpected spills, splits, or splashes. You never know what might happen on your wedding day—foundation could drip on your dress right before you walk down the aisle, someone could step on your train and leave you with a broken hem, or your bustle could break while you're busting a move on the dance floor. Nothing is for sure, which is why a wedding dress emergency kit might just help save the big day.

"There are some really great wedding day tool kits available on the market," says Erica Chasco-Smith, director of stores at Lovely Bride. Some come with breath mints, hair spray, ibuprofen, and more, while others are intended specifically for wardrobe malfunctions. Unfortunately, they can also get quite costly—especially considering the simplicity of the items inside.

What to Put in Your Wedding-Dress Emergency Kit

Don't want to buy a wedding dress emergency kit? You can always make a homemade iteration so you can control the quality and quantity of the gear you get. Start with a stylish tote or cosmetics bag (you can find fun bridal options on Amazon or Etsy) and fill it with a few essentials that you can take from the bridal suite to the ceremony and reception. Make sure to grab the bag before you head out for photos with your photographer.

"When building your own, the absolute musts are stain remover, hand wipes, a needle and thread, safety pins, and double-sided tape," says Chasco-Smith. Read on for the rest of the items you should toss into your getting-ready bag in case of fashion emergencies. Smudges and stuck zippers will be no match for these style-saving supplies.

  • Cloth
  • Handheld steamer
  • Stain removers
  • White chalk
  • Lint roller
  • Sewing kit with scissors
  • Krazy glue
  • Clear wax stick
  • Nylons
  • Double-sided tape


Hair and makeup come before putting on your wedding dress for a reason: It's way too easy to spill powders and spray products all over that pristine fabric. This order can present another challenge depending on your dress. "If you have a gown that you need to put on over your head, make sure you have something to drape over your face so you don't get makeup all over your dress," says Chasco-Smith. A small towel or T-shirt works—just act quickly and be careful not to smudge your look.

Handheld Steamer

"Plan on purchasing a handheld steamer for the big day," says Chasco-Smith—especially if you're traveling for the celebration and said yes to gown made from a lightweight fabric like chiffon, silk satin, or crepe.

Stain Removers

If a stain crops up on your big day, don't panic. Most spots can be treated quickly and effectively. Check out our comprehensive guide to stubborn stain removal—and pack a handful of store-bought solutions, like detergent wipes or Tide to Go pens, so you can tackle spills in stride (and be back on the dance floor without missing a beat). If you find yourself in a pinch on the day, club soda will come in handy; it lifts stains with ease.

White Chalk

If stains do stay put, you might be able to mask them with white chalk. And if your fashion emergency happens to your shoes and not your dress? Others swear by correction fluid for scuffed or stained white shoes and black permanent marker for black (tell your groom!).

Lint Roller

Before walking down the aisle, give your gown a once-over with a lint roller—and make sure someone reminds your future spouse to use it, too.

Sewing Kit with Scissors

Snip any stray fibers off your wedding dress with tiny scissors, included in many sewing kits, which are an essential for both you—the bride—and the wedding party. If a strap on Mom's gown detaches or your flower girl tears her frock, a collection of safety pins, a needle and thread, and buttons will come in handy.

Krazy Glue

In case of crises involving your accessories, Krazy Glue can mend broken heels and jewelry alike.

Clear Wax Stick

Many wedding dresses have suffered a stuck zipper. When you just can't get a zipper to budge, you'll be glad to have a clear wax stick or Zipper-Ease on hand. A white crayon or a tube of lip balm might also do the trick.


Pantyhose's secret skill is lifting deodorant marks from fabric—whether it's an off-white wedding dress or a colorful bridesmaid gown. You can also buy Braza Wipe Out sponges.

Double-Sided Tape

In a pinch, double-sided fashion tape (or even toupee tape) can temporarily repair ripped seams and hems—or secure a plunging neckline.

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