Can Guests Bring a Change of Shoes to a Wedding? Here's How to Get Comfortable Appropriately, Per a Stylist

The goal is to find footwear that is both fashionable and comfortable.

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Although sky-high strappy heels may perfectly match your little black dress, it's safe to say that these popular types of shoes can put some serious strain on your feet—especially after a long night of mingling and partying at a wedding reception.

With this in mind, it's more than wise for wedding guests to bring a change of shoes to events to ensure that they can dance the night away without any aches or injuries. But if you really aren't sure about the kind of footwear you should bring along to a wedding, rest assured: We have you covered.

We asked experts about what kind of wedding-worthy shoes you should bring along in a tote bag—and if it's appropriate to change shoes at all. From comfortable shoe recommendations to where you should actually change your footwear, heed these helpful reminders as you pick out your wedding guest footwear.

Pack Comfortable Shoes If Necessary

"It is always great to have dancing shoes in your bag," says celebrity and bridal stylist Diane Lloyde Roth, who fully supports bringing a backup footwear option to a celebration. Just put those comfortable pair of shoes—avoid sneakers at all costs—in a tote that also matches your outfit, she advises.

Change Your Shoes in Private

While bringing a change of shoes to a wedding is etiquette-approved, switching into them in the middle of the dance floor or during dinner is not. "Go to the restroom to change your shoes," Lloyde Roth says. You don't want to take off your heels and put on flats at the table, she warns.

Ensure Sure Your Backup Footwear Is Formal

Whether you're selecting your primary pair of wedding guest shoes or a set to bring along just in case, make sure that your footwear speaks to the dress code. "Guests at weddings should wear a pair of shoes that are formal as well as comfortable," says Kaeleigh Testwuide, a wedding expert and the owner of The Diamond Reserve. You don't have to wear sky-high heels that hurt your feet—think comfort and class, she recommends.

Choose Low or Block Heels From the Start

Of course, the goal is to find a comfortable pair of shoes from the start so you don't need to pull a mid-event switch-up. "With lower and block heels trending, you can surely find something comfortable," Testwuide says. "You won't need to carry along a change of shoes, or feel uncomfortable all day long."

Consider Foldable Flats

"It's always helpful to bring foldable flats, as they prevent any injuries on the dance floor," Testwuide says, pointing to broken glass and other safety hazards. Just always make sure your footwear blends with your attire, she advises.

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