The get-together will honor those who have worked with her over the last 20-plus years.
Martha holding basket of eggs
Credit: Dana Gallagher

When it comes to planning a summer soirée, Martha is definitely an expert—whether it's prioritizing landscaping or rounding up the freshest ingredients from the season. Today, she's hosting a celebration at her Bedford Farm to honor those who have worked with her over the last two decades. She enlisted the help of her team at the locale to help bring the details together.

"Among the many tasks on our list—mow the lawns, weed the garden beds, mulch the carriage roads, harvest the vegetables, bathe the donkeys, and make the tablecloth and centerpieces for the outdoor sit-down dinner," she wrote in her latest Martha Blog entry. "We got so much done and fortunately this week's weather is fantastic."

martha stewart bedford courtyard
martha stewart bedford vegetable garden
Left: Credit: The Martha Blog
Right: Credit: The Martha Blog

The first mode of action? Setting the scene for the occasion. "The courtyard is where everyone will gather—it is looking so pretty with the large potted sago palms on the cobblestone courtyard," Martha said. She and her team also cleaned and weeded the "lush and green" vegetable garden, which is where they sourced the delicious, fresh ingredients for the dinner.

martha stewart bedford beets
martha stewart bedford fava beans
martha stewart bedford fresh eggs
Left: Credit: The Martha Blog
Center: Credit: The Martha Blog
Right: Credit: The Martha Blog

For the dinner itself, Martha and her team harvested these beets early in the day, which she noted are a healthy addition to the meal. "Beets are highly nutritious and very good for maintaining strong cardiovascular health," she wrote. "It's low in calories, contains zero cholesterol, and is rich in folates, vitamin A, B-complex, and antioxidants." Our founder also captured an image of the bucket full of harvested fava beans (she loves their nutty taste and buttery texture). Finally, she gathered a bowl of fresh eggs from her "gorgeous" and "most productive" chickens.

martha stewart bedford popsicles
Credit: The Martha Blog

Cool, refreshing treats are must-haves at a summer celebration. She added homemade currant fruit popsicles to the dinner menu. Martha added popsicle sticks to the sweet treats, which are shown here ready for the freezer. If you would like to make popsicles of your own, consider shopping our favorite ice pop molds on the market to streamline the freezing process even more—and check out our best ice pop recipes for summer.

martha stewart bedford peacocks
martha stewart bedford peacock bird bath
Left: Credit: The Martha Blog
Right: Credit: The Martha Blog

What's a party without peacocks? Martha captured images of her peafowl on top of one of her chicken coops with the best "bird's eye view" of her planning team preparing the event together. After wrapping up the prep, she received the approval of one of her birds. "This peahen is sitting on the rim of a giant stone birdbath in front of my Stable Office building—she is so interested and curious," Martha wrote. "I'll be sure to share more photos of this party in my next blog—stay tuned."


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