dog swimming in body glove dog life jacket
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Martha Shared the Life Jacket She Uses to Keep Her Dogs Safe in the Pool—and You Can Buy It on Amazon

Our founder showed her Chow Chow and Frenchie dressed in their vests (ready for a swim!) on Instagram Stories.
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It's officially summer! Rising temperatures means plenty more time at the beach and pool, where we go to feel refreshed. Martha takes the same approach when warm weather hits—and she loves bringing her dogs along for dips in the water. Her main priority when she swims with her pets? Safety first.

martha stewart dogs in life jackets
Credit: Courtesy of @marthastewart48 / Instagram

Keeping your pup safe and sound as they doggy paddle through every body of water is one of your critical concerns, too—which is why you might be interested in Martha's latest pet product recommendation. After watching this year's Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, Martha noted on Instagram that her Chow Chow and Frenchie are "ready for some fun in the sun," and showed her followers the life jacket that she zips them into when they hit the water. "I'm keeping my dogs safe by the pool in their new @bodyglove dog PFDs! [(from $44.95,]" she captioned her Instagram story. "They're great!"

Shop Now: Body Glove Dog Life Jacket, from $44.95,

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The Body Glove Dog Life Jacket (from $44.95, is extremely buoyant, ergonomic, and insulated for any dog; it comes in a myriad of sizes to suit a mix of breeds. Pet parents can simply strap the personal flotation device around their pup's belly and below their head to secure them for their swim. The reflective, vibrant yellow hue of the jacket will ensure that your dogs stay in sight in the pool or another body of water, like a lake or ocean. It's also made of 80 percent recycled materials, so your dog and the environment stay protected during all of your aqueous summer fun.

Shop Now: Body Glove Dog Life Jacket, from $44.95,