Martha says the refreshing citrus beverage, made with Cointreau and muddled orange, is "good as a cocktail, as a nightcap, or anytime!"

Looking for something new to sip on this summer? As per usual, Martha has the answer. Our founder recently took to social media to share her recipe for a new cocktail, which she has fittingly coined "Cointreau Kiss." The warm-weather beverage is "good as a cocktail, as a nightcap or anytime!" she wrote in an Instagram post. Of course, we had to try it for ourselves and Martha isn't wrong—this is the drink of summer.

"Easy to make and easy to drink, the 'Cointreau Kiss' is a four-ingredient cocktail that doesn't call for shaking or any other mixology skills," says Victoria Spencer, senior digital food editor for, who recently made our founder's new beverage. "At first, I was surprised Martha built a drink around Cointreau—the classic French orange liqueur—but then I remembered she really likes it and has used it rather than triple sec in her margaritas."

To make the beverage, start by muddling two orange slices in a glass (any type of orange will do, but Victoria used Cara Cara); then, add ice and pour in two parts Cointreau and one part Casa Dragones blanco tequila. The finishing touch? A refreshing topping of sparkling mineral water. If you want to add a burst of sweetness to the flavor profile, Martha says to "gild the lily" and line the rim of the glass with raw sugar.

According to Victoria, the "Cointreau Kiss" is ideal for summer because the citrus and sparkling water keeps it light, unlike some more intense wintry cocktails, such as a Manhattan. "It's light and slightly orangey and sweet, and then there is the tequila in the background," she says.

It's not surprising that Martha has made a margarita-adjacent beverage. Our founder has shared tequila-based recipes with fans in the past, including her favorite recipe for pomegranate margaritas, which she's dubbed the Martha-Rita. Another great beverage for summer, the drink is made by blending two cups fresh lime juice, two cups tequila blanco, a half-cup triple sec, and a half-cup pomegranate concentrate with ice.

How to Make the Cointreau Kiss

To make one drink, you will need:

  • 2 orange slices
  • 2 oz. Cointreau
  • 1 oz. Casa Dragones (or another blanco tequila)
  • Sparkling mineral water
  • Ice

Follow these steps to create Martha's new favorite cocktail:

  1. Muddle orange slices in a glass
  2. Add ice; pour in the Cointreau and tequila
  3. Float the drink with sparkling mineral water and serve


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