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Summer is almost here! If you are still planning out your vacations for the months ahead, you'll want to turn to the latest data from WalletHub. The financial service conducted a survey on the most fun states to visit across the United States. To reach their findings, the team homed in on two key categories: "entertainment and recreation" and "nightlife."

The WalletHub team factored in the amount of attractions; variety of arts; ideal weather; number of restaurants, amusement parks, golf courses and country clubs, movie theaters, arcades, fitness centers, skiing facilities, and marinas; shoreline mileage; beach quality; access to scenic byways; number of state fairs, access to national parks; personal spending on recreation services per capita; and state and local direct general expenditures on parks and recreation per capita to determine the entertainment and recreation rankings.

The nightlife category included metrics on the average beer and wine price; movie costs; nightlife options per capita; "access to bars" grade; time of last call; music festivals per capita; performing arts theaters per capita; and casinos per capita.

As for the most fun state in the country? California. This region held the top ranking in the entertainment and recreation category and came in third for nightlife. It clocked in with a total score of 63.60. Florida was right behind the Golden State: It ranked second in entertainment and recreation and eighth overall for its nightlife, tallying in at an overall score of 61.26.

Nevada rounded out the top three, winning fourth place for entertainment and recreation and (unsurprisingly, considering this state boasts Las Vegas!) taking home the number one spot for nightlife, with a ranking of 59.84. Curious to see where your home state landed on this fun scale? Peruse Wallethub's comprehensive chart for more information.

The Top 10 Most Fun States in America

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. Nevada
  4. New York
  5. Illinois
  6. Colorado
  7. Washington
  8. Texas
  9. Minnesota
  10. Louisiana


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