Ultimately, the right shoes for your big day depends on the length of your wedding dress and the climate and terrain of your locale.
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If you are getting married in the summer, choosing the right footwear can be a bit of a challenge, and the heat and the humidity will make you reconsider those bulky heels. But if you are wondering if sandals are actually wedding-day appropriate, we talked to bridal stylists and wedding planners about whether or not this particular choice of shoe can be worn on your big day. Read on to gather more insight into this common question that's surely on the mind of every summer bride.

Prioritize comfort.

Choosing the right shoes to wear for your wedding can be a big decision. There are so many styles and types to choose from that it's often hard to know what type of shoe to choose for the big day. And what if 5-inch stilettos just aren't your cup of tea? "The most important thing is to make sure your wedding shoes are comfortable," says bridal stylist Julie Sabatino. "There is nothing worse than your feet hurting on your wedding day."

Consider your event's location.

Your shoe choice can also depend on the climate of your wedding location. "Wearing sandals with your wedding dress is absolutely fine in warmer climates," Sabatino says. However, in settings that are not on the beach, she suggests wearing closed-toe shoes because it gives a cleaner look in photos.

There's also the safety factor to consider. "Flats makes more sense for safety," says wedding planner Emore Campbell, owner of Emore' Campbell Events. "These can be extremely helpful for weddings on the beach, on top of a mountain, or if the entrance requires stairs."

Dress length matters.

Whether you're wearing an A-line wedding dress, ball gown, or a mermaid-style number, the amazing wedding shoes you choose to wear on your big day ultimately depends on the length of your dress. "Sandals can be worn if your wedding dress is long enough to cover your feet," Campbell says. Wedding planner Jenna Miller, creative director of Here Comes The Guide, agrees. "There are really no rules when it comes to your wedding shoes," Miller says. "Especially if the hem of your dress goes all the way down to the floor."

Try wedges if you can't decide between sandals and heels.

Since comfortable shoes are key on your wedding day, and sandals are acceptable to wear, you may be wondering if its acceptable to wear flat sandals to a wedding. Selina Howard, expert bridal stylist at Vainglorious Brides, says when choosing a sandal, it's important to pay attention to the heel size. "[Many brides want] some sort of heel or lift on their wedding days," Howard says. "I've styled brides in a platform or wedge sandals, which gives her the posture of a heel with the comfort of a sandal."


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