The Best Organic Wines to Drink For Every Occasion, From Summer Sipping to Special Events

Our picks include affordable and delicious organic white, red, and sparkling options.

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Organic wine is made from—you guessed it—organic grapes. To be certified organic, grapes need to be sourced from vineyards that exclude the use of synthetic chemicals. These can include fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, and any genetically modified products. Farmers applying for organic certification have to keep detailed records of their production practices, and they're subject to site visits by inspectors from the certifying agency. The requirements to become certified organic vary from country to country but usually, the farmland has to be free of prohibited chemicals for three years before it can qualify as organic. This often means that their neighboring farms also have to be organic, as it's easy for chemicals to blow over in the breeze or affect the groundwater of a neighboring farm.

Although achieving an organic certification is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive for a winery, it doesn't always mean that organic wines are higher priced. You can find some affordable and delicious organic wines, whites, red, and sparkling. Here are some of our top picks.

Best Organic Wines to buy in 2022:

Best Organic Classic Dry White: Frog's Leap Sauvignon Blanc 2020

Bottle of sauvignon blanc wine
Courtesy of Frogs Leap Winery

Any sommelier can tell you that one of the most-requested wines from our customers is a 'dry white'. This usually means a bright, fresh, and crisp wine that's light and food-friendly. Frog's Leap, out of Napa, California, has been farming organically since 1988. This wine has all the classic markers of a great Sauvignon Blanc: citrusy grapefruit aromas, mouthwatering acidity, and a clean finish. If you're into the Coastal Grandmother trend, this is the wine for you!

Best Organic Everyday Red: Cono Sur Organic Pinot Noir 2020:

Bottle of organic pinot noir wine
Courtesy of Cono Sur

Are you looking for a house wine, one that you can buy by the case and enjoy on any occasion? Then this pinot noir from Cono Sur is just what you need. With a medium body and bright cherry and raspberry flavors, it's an incredibly versatile wine that can complement an array of dishes—or just be sipped and enjoyed with good conversation. And the price is right: it's from Chile, which is a source of great value in the wine world right now.

Best Organic Summer Sip: Bonterra Organic Rose 2021

Bottle of rosé wine
Courtesy of Bonterra

Stop what you're doing and stock up on this juicy rosé from Bonterra in Mendocino, CA. It's everything you want from a summer wine: flavors of berry, peach, and watermelon with a crisp, refreshing finish. It's even available in cans, to accompany you on all your outdoor summer adventures, from beach days to poolside lounging, to camping and picnics.

Best Organic Pairing for Cheese and Charcuterie Boards: Cleto Chiarli Organic Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro

Bottle of lambrusco wine
Courtesy of Cleto Chiarli

Move over, prosecco: Lambrusco is the fun, fizzy wine of the moment! From Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, this is a gently sparkling red wine that is meant to be served chilled. It's the ideal pairing partner for cheese and charcuterie boards: the deep berry notes will complement both nutty cheeses and savory meats, but the refreshing bubbles will cleanse your palate through all the diverse flavors of your most imaginative board creations.

Best Organic Wine for a Hip Dinner Party: Sybille Kuntz Estate Mosel Organic Orange Riesling Trocken 2020

bottle of organic riesling wine
Courtesy of Sybille Kuntz Estate

If you've ever had anxiety over bringing a bottle to dinner with 'in-the-know', cool friends—consider this the wine to bring. It's an orange wine, which is made from white grapes fermented with their skins, seeds, and stems, creating an amber color and more funky flavors and assertive textures than conventional white wine. Sybille Kuntz is a woman winemaker with a compelling story, all the better to share with your dining companions.

Best Organic Wine for a Special Occasion: Lanson Le Green Label Organic Champagne

Bottle of organic Champagne
Courtesy of Champagne Lanson

For celebrations, you can do no better than Champagne! This is a new release from storied Champagne Lanson, which was founded in 1760. This bottling is rich but also clean, with lovely lemon and peach notes and a touch of spicy complexity. It's a memorable wine for your memorable occasions.

Best Host Gift: Cune Rioja Organic 2019

Bottle of organic rioja wine
Courtesy of Cune

Rioja is a region in North Central Spain, where red, white, rosé, and also sparkling wines are made. Cune is one of the best-known producers there, and a name that your most snobbish wine friends will recognize and be impressed by. But you don't have to be a connoisseur to love this wine, which is full of bright red cherry and spice notes with a hint or earthiness. It's medium-bodied and food friendly—definitely a crowd-pleaser. Best of all, Rioja wines generally taste much more expensive than they are: the perfect give to give without breaking the bank.

Best Organic Wine for Spicy Food: Yalumba Organic Viognier 2021

Bottle of organic viognier wine
Courtesy of Yalumba

It's not easy to pair wine with spicy food—the alcohol in wine tends to fan the flames of spicy hot chiles. One blanket rule is to choose a wine with a mild hint of sweetness, which will help tame the heat on your palate. This viognier from Australian winemaker Louisa Rose is full and luscious, with apricot, peach, lemon, and honeysuckle flavors—perfect with spicy noodle dishes.

Best Organic Wine Bargain: Santa Julia Organic Malbec 2021

Bottle of malbec wine
Courtesy of Santa Julia

A fabulous organic wine for less than $10? They do exist! Santa Julia in Mendoza, Argentina, not only farms organically, but partakes in other sustainable practices like compost production, bottling in lightweight glass, and using solar power in the winery. This malbec wine is an intense red, with jammy ripe plum notes, fine tannins, and a long finish.

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