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The 10 Best Round Brushes for an At-Home Blowout, According to Stylists

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Whether you're looking to simply smooth and polish your hair or go all-out with a voluminous blowout, there's one tool that you absolutely need when styling it: a round brush. This brush is exactly what it sounds like—it's a cylinder-shaped piece with bristles all around the barrel, and is meant to smooth strands and add volume to hair. While you can use a round brush on dry hair to add body, natural hair care professional and stylist Erinn Courtney says using this tool with your blow dryer will give you the best results. "Using a round brush requires practice," adds Alterna Haircare creative team member Ana Paz. "Round brushes are usually used in unison with a blow dryer to manipulate the smoothness of the cuticle."

Here's the thing: There are a lot of round brushes on the market, and ultimately, choosing the right one has less to do with what type of hair you have and more about what desired finish you're aiming for. "Round brushes do not necessarily differ by texture," says Courtney. "However, depending on the style that you are trying to achieve—and yes, the type of hair texture you have—you may want to opt for different brushes. Round brushes with stiff bristles are great for thick and curly hair because they help to detangle. A round brush with a smaller barrel, when used with low heat, would be a good option for someone with finer [and] thinner hair."

You'll also want to consider the length of your hair when selecting the best round brush for you, says Courtney. If you have short strands, she says to choose a smaller sized barrel; if you have long hair, choose something larger. As for materials? Paz prefers aluminum- and ceramic-coated barrels. Aluminum iterations heat up with the dryer's hot air, which allows strands to dry faster. Ceramic barrels, on the other hand, release negative ions to add shine and make hair soft.

Top Picks

Now that you know more about the types of round brushes that should be on your radar, you're likely ready for some expert recommendations. Luckily, Courtney and Paz shared their top picks for an at-home blowout. Scoop up one of their brush choices to bring yourself one step closer to a bouncy blowout that lasts all day.

ghd black round brush
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Best Overall: GHD Size 3 Ceramic Vented Radial Brush

$40, saksfifthavenue.com

Courtney's pick for the best overall round brush is the GHD Size 3 Ceramic Vented Radial Brush. It has a non-slip handle to ease styling and its ceramic vented barrel makes for some of the best at-home blowouts she has ever seen. "This round brush heats up fast while still being ventilated," she says. "The ventilated barrel allows air to flow through for even heat, while the semi-stiff bristles give you a super smooth and frizz-free finish."

conair gold round brush
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Best Budget: Conair Quick Blow Dry Round Brush

$12.99, ulta.com

For a brush that won't break the bank, try the Conair Quick Blow Dry Round Brush, suggests Courtney. "[It's] a classic round brush that not only helps hair dry faster, but also helps distribute the scalp's own natural oils for silky, frizz-free hair," she says. "A combination of boar and nylon bristles gives you professional quality results at a fraction of the cost."

round bristle brush
Credit: Courtesy of Dermstore

Best Splurge: Christophe Robin Pre-Curved BlowDry Hairbrush

$94, dermstore.com

Courtney's splurge pick is the Christophe Robin Pre-Curved BlowDry Hairbrush. She likes its unique pre-curved bristles and says that it gives you gentle and comfortable hold as you style your strands. Plus, it works on any hair texture. "Designed for all hair types, this brush is definitely worth the splurge," she says. 

mint green round brush
Credit: Courtesy of Dermstore

Best For Detangling: Harry Josh Pro Tools Magnesium Thermal Brush

$55, dermstore.com

Courtney recommends the Harry Josh Pro Tools Magnesium Thermal Brush for detangling because of its loose bristles. This looseness, she explains, gently and easily combs through knotted hair. It is also lightweight, which she says makes it easier to maneuver through tangles.

boar bristle round brush
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Round Brush with Boar Bristles: Fixbody Boar Bristles Round Brush

$12.99, amazon.com

Boar bristle brushes are known for their shine-enhancing and smoothing properties. So if you're looking to get those benefits from your round brush, turn to the FIxbody Boar Bristles Round Brush. "[This] is a great boar bristle hairbrush because of its ceramic-coated barrel that has a high heat resistance. It eliminates frizz almost instantly," says Courtney. "The boar bristles help to spread sebum (natural oil produced by our scalp) that eliminates frizz and static."

hot air round brush
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

Best Round Brush with Hot Air: T3 Airebrush Duo Blow Dry Brush

$179.99, ulta.com

When it comes to hot air round brushes, it's hard to beat the T3 Airebrush Duo Blow Dry Brush. "[It] is the best hot air round brush on the market," says Paz. It has 15 heat and speed combinations and two brush attachments to style your hair in so many different ways—which makes it the ultimate styling brush.

small round brush
Credit: Courtesy of Olivia Garden

Best Round Brush for Long Hair: Olivia Garden NanoTheramic + Ion Round Thermal Brush

$20.95, oliviagarden.com

Courtney likes the Olivia Garden NanoTheramic + Ion Round Thermal Brush for long hair, because it has such a large barrel. She says it helps easily dry and straighten large sections of hair, which makes styling and blow drying more efficient and seamless—something that can be tricky when you have long strands. It's also made with a ceramic barrel that heats up quickly and large vents to maximize airflow.

gold round brush
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Round Brush for Short Hair: Suprent Nano Therma Ceramic & Ionic Roller Hairbrush

$14.99, amazon.com

Paz says that short hair needs a round brush with a smaller diameter to achieve volume and curls. Courtney agrees, and recommends the Suprent Nano Thermal Ceramic & Ionic Roller Hairbrush. "This round brush has natural boar bristles and a slim easy-to-grip handle," she says. "Its small circumference makes it perfect for shorter-length hair."

wet brush round brush
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Round Brush for Naturally Curly Hair: Wet Brush Volume & Body Round Brush

$15.19, amazon.com

For naturally curly hair, Courtney recommends the Wet Brush Volume & Body Round Brush. It has gentle bristles that are thin and super flexible, which makes detangling curly hair easily. "These bristles make the tugging, tearing, and pulling normally associated with brushing curly hair, along with using a round brush, nonexistent," she adds.

round brush
Credit: Courtesy of Ulta

Best Round Brush for Volume: Hot Tools Professional Ceramic 1-3/4 " Spiral Round Brush

$18.99, ulta.com

If you're looking for maximum volume, Courtney says to use the Hot Tools Professional Ceramic 1 3/4" Spiral Round Brush. It boasts a large ceramic barrel so you can style large sections of hair and distribute heat evenly. You can use this piece on a myriad of textures, whether you want a smooth blowout or natural waves.