A Father's Day Brunch Menu for Dad That's Deliciously Over the Top

Show him your love with this hearty meal that features baked French toast, eggs Benedict, and sausage drop biscuits. We've got make-ahead tips so you can streamline prep.

easy eggs benedict
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Does your dad love breakfast or brunch? Is he a guy who's bright and breezy in the morning and ready for a big meal? Or does he need a hearty breakfast and plenty of coffee to get going? If he relishes brunch classics, you'll want to make him this over-the-top menu to show just how much you care about him.

For brunch afficionados, one of the most difficult decisions can be whether to go sweet or savory, so why make dad choose? This menu has it all; a decadent French toast casserole and that brunch classic, eggs Benedict, all paired with cheesy breakfast sausage biscuits and a citrusy beer cocktail to wash it all down. Don't worry, double the options doesn't mean quite double the duty. This menu was carefully thought out, so you can have a brunch that is a little extra just for dad but still simple for you to prepare with a make-ahead strategy that gets brunch on the table on Father's day stress free.

Easy Eggs Benedict

As you're baking French toast rather than cooking it on the stove, the stovetop will be free to cook a savory dish, eggs Benedict. Poach the eggs half an hour before you eat, mix the hollandaise, and toast the muffins. Leaving assembly for the moments before you sit down.

Want to take it to another level? Try swapping out the Canadian bacon for smoked salmon or creamed greens or add in caramelized tomato slices or crab salad to the classic version (all these variations are explained in our recipe.)

Get the Easy Eggs Benedict Recipe

breakfast-sausage-and-gruyere drop biscuits
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Breakfast-Sausage-and-Gruyere Drop Biscuits

Forgo the biscuit cutter and go with drop biscuits; just mix, scoop, bake, and enjoy! These breakfast-sausage-and-Gruyère-cheese-studded buttermilk biscuits are almost a meal on their own, adding to the over-the-top vibe of the brunch. You can make and bake them the day before and gently reheat them in the oven right before serving or just bake them fresh the morning of brunch. Either way, they'll be crisp on the outside and super flaky inside—and they won't last long.

Get the Breakfast-Sausage-and-Gruyere Drop Biscuits Recipe

pear raspberry baked french toast
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Pear-and-Raspberry Baked French Toast

Every decadent brunch must have something drenched in maple syrup, for our Father's Day menu it's French toast casserole with made with eggy brioche toast, pears, and raspberries. Classic French toast requires watching over the stovetop as you cook each piece individually. French toast casseroles streamline the work; you bake all the slices at once, plus they can be prepped, covered, and refrigerated up to a day in advance and then baked right before serving.

Get the Pear-and-Raspberry Baked French Toast Recipe

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Orange Wheat Shandy

Mimosas have nothing on this brunch sip. Rather than champagne, this cocktail starts with wheat beer, you add OJ, and a touch of almond extract which lends a subtle yet irresistible nutty note to the drink. Prepare it all in a pitcher and let everyone help themselves.

Get the Orange Wheat Shandy Recipe

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