The Brenham, Texas-based company introduced the flavor in 2007 and it has been a seasonal staple ever since.
Blackberry cobbler ice cream
Credit: Courtesy of Blue Bell

With temperatures on the rise and that summer feeling in the air, it shouldn't come as a shock if you find yourself craving ice cream more than usual. While there are plenty of brands and flavors to choose from, one that's making waves due to an annual-come back is Blue Bell's Southern Blackberry Cobbler ice cream.

If you're not familiar with Blue Bell, the Brenham, Texas-based company has been around since 1907, when a group of local farmers founded a creamery company. With the excess cream, the farmers began churning butter and making ice cream. Over the past 115 years, the company has gone through several name changes—they landed on Blue Bell in the 1930s—and today, they're revered as one of the best-selling ice cream brands in the country. 

One of Blue Bell's most popular products, Southern Blackberry Cobbler ice cream, was introduced in 2007 as a seasonal flavor and it has remained a limited edition product ever since, Southern Living reports. "It always returns to store shelves around spring time and is only available in half gallons for a limited time," Blue Bell told the outlet in an email. The flavor is described on the company's website as "a creamy ice cream with a luscious blackberry flavor combined with flaky pie crust pieces and a blackberry sauce swirl."

Want to try the flavor before it leaves shelves until next year? Blue Bell is available in 23 states and can be found in supermarkets across the South, as well as some areas of the South West and West Coast, including in Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado. If you miss the blackberry cobbler flavor, Blue Bell has plenty of other beloved products that are sold year-round, including Dutch Chocolate, Pecan Pralines 'n Cream, Rocky Road, and Banana Pudding.


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