The 10 Best Pieces of Safety Gear for Night Walkers

Stay safe during your evening stroll with these essentials.

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People walking in nature at night
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While walking can seem like a regular part of your day, setting aside time to go for a stroll can do more for your overarching wellness than you may realize. "Not walking regularly can lead to you feeling tired, sore, and achy—because our bodies were designed to move," says Cathy Spencer-Browning, the vice president of programming and training at MOSSA. "The less we move, the more we lose our strength and resilience, which can lead to detrimental health effects later down the road."

If you need to get moving, consider a few different activities. "Simple things you can do to get more walking in your day could include a quick night walk, parking your car farther from the entrance of the store, taking the stairs rather than an elevator or escalator, and taking breaks in your day to get up and move around for a few minutes," Spencer-Browning says. If you opt for a walk in the evening, you'll need to make sure you stay safe with gear readily available to wear and bring along for your exercise. Here, find the best safety gear to shop now for your next nighttime walk around the block.

Shop the Best Safety Gear for Night Walking

Women's Bean Bright Multisport Vest

LL bean women's bean bright multisport vest
Courtesy of LL Bean

A reflective vest is one of the most helpful items to wear for safety if you regularly walk at night. It not only makes you visible to oncoming traffic (it features 10 points of reflectivity on the chest, back, and shoulders), but you can layer it with other garments when the temperatures drop during the evening. It is also resistant to wind and rain.

Lululemon "Fast and Free" Running Belt

lululemon fast and free running belt
Courtesy of Lululemon

Secure this runner's belt around your waist or sling it over your shoulder during your nightly loop. This bag has an adjustable waistband and pouches for your keys, phone, and other essentials (it can hold a small water bottle). Another perk? It has reflective details, adding to your visibility outdoors.

General Medi Store Mini First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit
Courtesy of Amazon

In case of an emergency, you'll want to keep a first-aid kit handy. Not a large one, though—you should be able to add a kit to your runner's belt (and it shouldn't be something you carry). This mini version is your best bet; it is filled with 110 medical-related essentials, such as a sterile gauze pad, band-aids, and tweezers.

Asics GEL-Nimbus 24 Lite-Show

asics gel nimbus 24 lite show
Courtesy of Asics

Make sure you are easy to spot, especially if you live in a high-traffic area like a city, with these reflective shoes. The sneakers will also protect your body as you move, since they have advanced cushioning technology that aids in shock absorption as you walk. Plus, they are lightweight, so they keep you comfortable during quick jaunts and extended excursions alike.

L.L. Bean Trailblazer Scout Headlamp

Courtesy of L.L. Bean

When the sun starts to set, you'll want to have access to a light source in case you are in an area with little light—which might happen if you go on a nature hike, perhaps. This headlamp illuminates brightly with 200 lumens and stays snuggly in place.

Garmin Instinct 2 Solar

Courtesy of Garmin

You'll have GPS tracking right on your wrist with this smartwatch. It has a solar charging mode (which means it has unlimited battery life when in this setting!), 24/7 health monitoring, and automatic live location tracking with built-in incident detection.

Lululemon "Fast and Free" Run Armband

fast and free armband
Courtesy of Lululemon

With this touchscreen-friendly band strapped around your arm, you can keep your phone easily accessible. The safety gear has reflective details to add to your visibility and a double hook protective closure for a close fit.

Nike Running Hat and Gloves Set

Running hat and gloves
Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

In the event of chilly weather, make sure to have hat and gloves to keep you safe and protected from the elements outdoors. This reflective-detailed set is made of lightweight fleece with touchscreen compatible fabric.

Ambidextrous Reflective Bands

Reflective wristbands
Courtesy of Amazon

These reflectors are specially made for night walkers, as the safety bands are highly visible (without the use of batteries). They also come in sizes up to 14 inches to fit different wrist widths.

Loaded Edge Emergency Whistles with Lanyard

Safety whistle
Courtesy of Amazon

The clip and lanyard on these whistles make them easy to carry or attach to a running belt. They are durable and emit a loud sound to easily alert those nearby of your location should you run into trouble ini the dark.

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