Have You Played Phoodle Yet? Martha Loves This Wordle-Inspired Game, Which Is Perfect for Food Enthusiasts

The brain teaser gives players six chances to guess a five letter food-related word.

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Martha loves brain teasers. In fact, the one thing our founder does every morning to keep her mind sharp is a crossword puzzle. If you're also a lover of word games, chances are you've spent the last few months playing Wordle, a test that gives players six chances to guess a five-letter word. The game took the Internet by storm last winter and has since been the inspiration for a handful of spin-offs, including Phoodle—Martha's latest word game craze.

Our founder enjoys the game so much, that she even took to her social media to share it with her followers. She wrote, "If you want a new word game to play, and who does not, try [Phoodle]. Live today. Lots of fun especially if you love food!!!!!!" In the post, she shared a photo of the Phoodle of the day. The multi-hyphenate entered two words—boeuf and creme—before landing on the correct answer, which was apple.

The game went live a few days ago and is predicated on the Wordle model; participants have six chances to guess a five letter word. Unlike Wordle—which is programmed with evergreen terminology—Phoodle challenges players to guess a food-related term each day. It's a fitting activity for Martha, who built an empire on her love of food and homemaking.

Phoodle isn't the only game our founder has shared with her fans. Just last year Martha took to Instagram to explain her favorite card game, Gozo. Alongisde sharing a series of photos which featured her sparkly gold deck of playing cards, Martha wrote that the game is best played with three people; the objective is to get rid of all of your cards as quickly as possible. "A simple but fun game, strategic and fast, complicated at times, especially when a player gets confused and tries too many moves and cannot complete the action and has to put everything back in order," she noted.

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