Avoid these mistakes to ensure a better set of photos on the other side of your big day.
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Credit: Perry Vaile

Much like your videographer, your photographer has a monumental role on your wedding day; they work hard to ensure that your most memorable big-day moments are immortalized forever. To ensure the best possible outcome, however, it's important that you and your photographer work together—and that you heed this vendor's rules.

While obvious faux pas, like tardiness or asking a bridesmaid to handle the day's social media—resulting in said attendant blocking your photographer's camera line—should be avoided at all costs, there are some lesser-known mistakes your photographer wants you to steer clear of. These errors could ultimately affect the quality of your photos altogether—and may even result in a smaller image cull if you aren't careful. To ensure that your wedding runs smoothly and delivers a set of photos you will treasure forever, we spoke to photographer Jessica Castro; ahead, she shares three things your photographer never wants you to do on your wedding day.

Don't get a day-of spray tan.

According to Castro, a day-before or day-of spray tan is never a good idea. "You will never know if your tan will fade, bleed, or be applied unevenly," she explains. She adds that tanning blunders also require brides to frantically troubleshoot ahead of their photo session, which can throw a wrench in your overall schedule. A too-orange result can also make editing your photos—and achieving beautiful skin tones—difficult for your shutterbug. To play it safe, book your spray tan appointment a week in advance (your photographer will thank you!).

Don't overindulge in pre-wedding Champagne.

Save the cocktails for the cocktail hour—and go easy on the bridal suite Champagne—says Castro, since indulging in too many pre-ceremony drinks can derail your photo schedule. This goes for all members of the wedding party, from the bride and groom to their attendants. "This happens more times than you would imagine, and it actually makes for messy photos—or a lack of them," she adds, noting that an overly-imbibed wedding party creates delays and might ultimately result in a smaller photo set.

Don't stress—it shows up in photos.

"I never want the bride or groom to stress on their wedding days," Castro shares, noting that she knows this is often easier said than done. Yes, weddings are unpredictable, she continues, but photographers are there to capture the magic—let them. Focus on letting it all go and being in the moment, she says, since stress is visibly evident in photos.


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