Even a casual dress code requires some effort, note our experts.
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Deciding what to wear to an informal bridal shower can be tricky, since you may feel concerned about choosing an option casual enough—after all, you don't want to upstage the bride-to-be. Ultimately, though, this task can be straightforward, affirm expert wedding planners and bridal stylists, who explain that keeping things simple, but feminine is often the best approach. And while it may be tempting to whip out the denim slip into some slides given the low-key vibe, it's still important to dress properly for the occasion, which honors the woman of the hour—someone you love.

To help you pick out an appropriate casual bridal shower outfit, we consulted two professionals. Ahead, they outline some helpful pointers to heed as you shop for this event type.

Opt for something simple.

Are you attending a casual bridal shower in the spring or summer months? If so, consider pairing "a simple sundress with flats or wedges—this is always a good option," says expert wedding planner Shannon Leahy. Wide-leg pants and a cute top can also work, she adds, noting that your overall intention should be to keep all focus on the bride.

Choose something sweet and feminine.

According to bridal stylist Julie Sabatino, "feminine and pretty" pieces suit this bridal shower type, since these events are typically centered around "women celebrating other women," she notes. You should feel free to wear romantic florals, pieces with pops of color, or simple, neutral tones, she advises (just stay away from white, beige, cream, or blush, which are reserved for the bride-to-be!).

When it doubt, dress up.

Casual or not, a bridal shower marks a momentous occasion in a loved one's life—so you want to dress accordingly. "It's important to dress up, as the bridal shower really is a special way to honor the bride," Sabatino adds, noting that dresses and skirts are always appropriate, whatever the dress code. As for what not to wear to a low-key bridal shower? Avoid wearing denim, flip-flops, or shorts, affirm both Leahy and Sabatino.


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