It's a meal he's sure to love and one you can prep ahead.
grilled vegetable agrodolce
Credit: Ryan Liebe

One of the perks of celebrating Father's Day in June is that the weather is likely to be gorgeous, so it's the ideal time to enjoy a meal outside. Grilling just happens to be an activity lots of Dads enjoy; you do the prep work, and then let him get involved in the outdoor cooking if he likes. To inspire you, we've created a menu Dad will love. It's centered around an elevated backyard burger, along with our grilled vegetable antipasti, charcuterie, and creamy burrata cheese. Our Grilled Peach Old Fashioned, a simple yet elevated take on a classic cocktail, is the perfect side kick. For the final course, we propose a stacked brownie sundae ice-cream cake. Ready to show Dad how much you care? Get our recipes and menu, as well as handy make-ahead tips that you won't want to miss.

Grilled-Vegetable Agrodolce

Pair charcuterie and cheese with marinated grilled eggplant, zucchini, and more and you have a dish fit for Dad. Antipasti is a fantastic way to kick off a meal and this recipe also doubles as a side. There are two routes to take on this dish, grill the vegetables when you fire up the grill for the burgers, then give them a generous spoonful or the sweet and sour dressing or make it ahead and grill them up to two days in advance, letting the vegetables really soak up the dressing. Trust us, you'll enjoy it either way, it's just about the amount of grilling you want to be doing on the actual day.

grilled peach old fashioned cocktail
Credit: Johnny Miller

Grilled-Peach Old-Fashioned

While the grill is on, you might as well utilize the heat to prep a garnish for a Father Day's signature drink! Grilling peaches accentuates their sweetness and contributes a nice smoky note which pairs perfectly with the bourbon in this take on an old fashioned. For those who aren't partaking in alcoholic drinks, swap the bourbon and bitters for seltzer—the result, a spritzy grilled-peach limeade.

Bistro Burgers
Credit: Con Poulos

Bistro Burgers

Update the humble burger for Father's Day without making the meal fussy by opting for these bistro-style burgers that are topped with grilled onions and white cheddar, dressed with Dijon and horseradish, then sandwiched between buttery brioche buns. To make them extra special, have your butcher grind a blend of meat rather than just picking up what is on the meat counter; we love a 50/50 combo of short rib/sirloin, it's totally indulgent without taking much extra work on your end.

Credit: Johnny Miller

Brownie Sundae Ice-Cream Cake

After grilling out, a cool refreshing treat like this ice cream, brownie, and peanut butter-layered cake really hits the spot. Our recipe uses both vanilla and strawberry ice cream, but really any favorite flavors can be swapped in to customize for Dad. And this ice-cream cake can be prepared up to a week in advance, then wrapped well and stored in the freezer. Just be sure to take it out of the freezer 15 minutes before serving, so it's not too frozen to slice.


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