He's always been her right-hand man—and that shouldn't change on the big day.
bride with father for first look

For many brides their father is an integral part of their life, but a bride's father often has a minimal role on her wedding day. Traditionally, he has two brief assignments: to walk his daughter down the aisle and to give a toast (which usually follows the best man's) come the reception. But if he wants to do more for the bride—especially on the wedding day—he certainly can. Ahead, we list a few suggestions that are sweet, considerate, and practical—just like Dad.

Give her some intel on her future spouse

She's excited and nervous, and wonders if her future spouse is, too. If it's feasible—meaning she and her future wife or husband are getting ready in the same general locale—and they're not doing a first look, Dad can pop over, take a quick assessment of his almost-in-law's state of mind, and report back to the bride. He might even have a few words of love from her partner to share, which will surely help ease her mind.

Rehearse his toast

Dad may be thinking he'll talk off the cuff and not rehearse his reception speech—but when emotions are high (and you factor in a glass of wine or two), his hoped-for heartwarming toast may not happen. It's best for him to write some notes that he can refer to later; and he should spend a few minutes on the morning of the big day running through his main talking points. His daughter will appreciate this preparation later.

Volunteer to run errands

So, the maid of honor forgot to bring her allergy medication, and now someone needs to run to the pharmacy stat. Alternatively, everyone's hungry in the bridal suite—but nobody wants to take charge of ordering room service. That's where Dad comes in: He can be his daughter's right-hand man and helper on the morning of, solving those small-scale issues before they escalate.

Tell her she looks beautiful

What bride doesn't want to hear this on one of the most momentous days of her life? Coming from her father, these words are even more touching. And though he should say the words, "You look beautiful" out loud, she'll see them first in his misty eyes, guaranteed.


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