10 Food Containers for Picnics That Will Keep Your Favorite Dishes from Spilling in Your Basket

From light-weight options to aesthetically pleasing iterations, you can be sure these carriers will keep your food safe from point A to point B.

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One of the easiest ways to enjoy the outdoors when the weather gets warmer is by packing up your favorite foods and venturing to your local park, lake, or beach for a picnic. But before you can lay out a blanket and get snacking, you need to pack your menu carefully and just as important as the foods you bring with you is what you carry them in. You'll want containers that won't spill their contents, that fit efficiently into your bag, and that won't weigh you down.

"When thinking about food containers for your picnic, take into account how far you will be walking or hiking to your picnic spot," says Marie Viljoen, wild foods author and frequent picnic-maker. She adds that if you are driving, cycling, or carrying your backpack a short distance, weight isn't an issue, but lighter is better if you're traveling further than a mile. Other factors Viljoen looks for in picnic food containers is that they're functional, meaning they display the food nicely and are anti spill. She also likes containers that are stackable and aesthetically pleasing.

To help you make the most of your next picnic, we're highlighting some of our favorite shoppable food storage containers that will ensure you get to your picnic destination hassle free.

The Best Food Containers for Picnics

Best Overall: U-Konserve Round Nesting Trio Stainless Steel Lunch Containers

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With its stainless-steel construction and stackable design, this set is one of Viljoen's favorites on the market. It consists of three different sized containers—5 ounces, 9 ounces, and 16 ounces—so you'll have options when it comes to packing your picnic foods. What's more, the lightweight carriers feature silicone lids, which Viljoen says is preferable if you're concerned about spillage.

Best Glass: Weck Mold Jars Set

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If you're not traveling far on foot, Viljoen recommends carrying food in glass containers. "I dislike plastic—even if reusable—for purely aesthetic reasons," she says. She notes that glass jars are a lovely option, and she likes these ones from Weck. The set of six identical jars is ideal for carrying everything from spreads and dips to pickled vegetables and fruit.

Best Stackable: Rubbermaid Brilliance Leak-Proof Food Storage Containers

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Two things Wendy Weston, founder of Perfect Picnic New York City, prioritizes when looking for food containers for picnics is lightness and durability. This set of four containers from Rubbermaid checks off both those boxes. Plus, the flat, leak-proof lids made it easy to stack the smaller containers on top of the larger one another for packing.

Best Condiment: Sukki Stainless Steel Condiment Containers

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If you're planning to pack a charcuterie board with nuts, berries, spreads, and more, Viljoen recommends storing them separately in small condiment containers. These streamlined stainless steel holders are a great choice. The small, 3.4-ounce containers come in a pack of three and boast silicone lids, which make them ideal for avoiding spillage.

Best Space Saver: Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag, 4-Pack

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Weston loves using Stasher bags for picnics as they are compact and lightweight, leaving you plenty of room to pack bulkier containers into your basket. The sealable, silicone storage bags are ideal for keeping fruit slices, garnishes, nuts, and more safe on your travels.

Best for Temperature Control: Thermos Stainless King Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar with Spoon

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Planning to bring liquid dishes like gazpacho or another chilled soup on your picnic? Viljoen says screw-on lids, like the ones found on Thermos products are very effective at ensuring the contents in your container don't spill. The extremely durable design will keep your foods very cold or very hot on your travels, depending on what you store in it.

Best Anti-Spillage: Ball Mason Wide Mouth Jars with Lids and Bands

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Another leak-proof design thanks to its sturdy, screw-on metal lid, these mason jars are just right for storing crudités, pickled vegetables, trail mix, and other go-to picnic options. Although they're on the heavier side because they're made of glass, they're a dependable option for picnics that require traveling a short distance.

Best Visually Appealing: Blue Ginko Nesting Silicone Containers

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Another important thing to consider when packing foods for a picnic is presentation says Viljoen likes. These good-looking sage green containers come in a three-pack of different sizes that all stack nicely on top of one another.

Best for Baked Goods: U-Konserve Stainless Steel Rectangle Food-Storage Bento Box Container

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Viljoen rates these U-Konserve containers for storing baked goods. This design will keep cookies, brownies, and other treats safe as you travel to your picnic destination.

Best for Spreads: Weck 741 Quarter Liter Mold Jars with Lids

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If you're like Viljoen and prefer the look of glass or aim to avoid plastics, try this set of six small Weck jars which will put pâtés, spreads, dressings, and more on full display. Additionally, the containers' silicone ring lids come with clamps for double-duty spillage protection.

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