Get inspired by these easy weeknight meals.
grilled vegetable pizzas
Credit: Christopher Testani

Summer is hands down the best time to indulge in plant-based eating. There's a wide variety of seasonal, flavor-packed vegetables in their prime. It's also the warmest time of the year so many of us naturally gravitate toward lighter, fresh dinners that feature peak summer produce. Fresh tomato salads that barely need dressing to taste great, grilled vegetables like summer squash and even kale, sweet summer corn, and vibrant green broccoli are just the start of these colorful veggie-packed dinners. Read on for vegetable inspiration that will fuel your weeknight meals.

Grilled Vegetable Pizzas

Store-bought flatbreads make a tasty canvas for grilled summer vegetables—and they're quicker than using store-bought pizza dough. A combination of melty mozzarella and blue cheese (sub feta or goat cheese if blue cheese is a bit too funky for you) and a surprise drizzle of a tangy mustard vinaigrette rather than marinara sauce bring the pizza crusts and grilled vegetables together into a cohesive and mouthwatering meal. We used mushrooms, zucchini, kale, and red onion but grill whatever fresh produce you have on hand (or what looks best at the market) instead. Try grilled summer squash, eggplant, or corn for starters.

tomato eggplant gnocchi
Credit: Ren Fuller

Tomato-Eggplant Gnocchi

Peak produce doesn't require a ton of ingredients or time to taste great, especially when it's paired with store-bought gnocchi. Creamy pan-roasted eggplant and tart, sweet summer tomatoes are just right to create a luxurious, silky pasta sauce in only 20 minutes. Basil, garlic, and red pepper flakes round out the vegetarian ragu-like sauce. To finish, look past the usual parmesan pasta topper and instead serve with a generous spoonful of creamy, fresh ricotta cheese.

Carrot-Chickpea Burgers
Credit: Frank Frances

Carrot-Chickpea Burgers

Burgers bring major summer vibes to a meal, even if you're opting out on meat. These plant-based patties are a major win for casual weeknight dinners and weekend cookouts alike. The patties are made with grated carrots and mashed chickpeas, egg, bread crumbs, and cooked white rice (which brings it all together for a sturdy, flippable patty). Serve them between lettuce leaves, drizzled with a zippy yogurt and cilantro sauce. Or treat them just like your favorite burger, sandwiched in a bun with your go-to condiments.

vibrant-green broccoli curry with tofu
Credit: Frank Frances

Vibrant-Green Broccoli Curry

Tender summer broccoli takes center stage in this veggie-packed power bowl that's full of nutrients and vibrant flavor in this fast-to-make vegetarian entree. Alongside one of our favorite green vegetables, broccoli, crispy oven roasted tofu adds texture and pickled chilies a touch of tang to complement the creamy spiced coconut broth. Because it's summer you'll want to use whatever is freshest—cauliflower, broccolini, or even greens like kale are lovely substitutes for broccoli if you're finding yourself stocked with these cruciferous vegetables instead.

blistered green-bean and corn frittata plate and fork
Credit: Sidney Bensimon

Blistered Green-Bean and Corn Frittata

A trio of peak summer produce—garden fresh green beans, corn, and juicy cherry tomatoes, is just what's required to achieve both a fabulous vegetarian entrée and a complimentary side dish. Start by making a green bean and corn frittata—it can also easily be made in advance and served at room temperature for casual summer dining. Then, mix up a super easy tomato salad. Summer tomatoes don't need more than just a touch of olive oil, red-wine vinegar, and a fresh herb—there couldn't be a better time of year to enjoy this juicy fruit disguised as a vegetable.


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