The Cheapest Times to Fly This Summer, According to Expedia

With gas prices surging right now, road trips may be costly—but you can still save on flights.

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With the recent hikes in gas prices, thinking about other modes of transportation could make your travels less expensive—and more enjoyable along the way—this summer. If you're on the hunt for cheap airplane fares, you're in luck: Expedia recently announced when to score the best plane ticket prices and shared the most popular, affordable destinations to jet off to across the United States and beyond.

"People are ready to make their summer vacations happen no matter what," said Christie Hudson, senior public relations manager for Expedia. "With many travel restrictions easing over the past month, travelers have been inspired to dust off their bucket lists and get a jumpstart on planning. Prices are already reflecting that pent-up demand, so timing is going to be key for getting the best deal."

Overall, August is the least expensive month to fly during the summer, as the average ticket prices are almost 10 percent lower than July and 5 percent than June. As for the most expensive time to fly? July 1: Tickets are typically 25 percent more expensive that day than others during the season. If you're in search of tickets at any point throughout the summertime, avoid Fridays (usually the highest average ticket prices fall on these days) and opt for Tuesdays instead (usually the cheapest average ticket prices are on these days).

For those in search of their next adventure this summer, consider one of these cities. Tickets to the locales, according to Expedia, are usually under $350 for a roundtrip excursion: Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Toronto, Canada; Tampa, Florida; San Antonio, Texas; Houston, Texas; Austin, Texas; Providence, Rhode Island; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Kelowna, British Columbia; Nashville, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana; Charleston, South Carolina.

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