With grocery prices skyrocketing, an avocado is too precious to waste.
Ripe avocados on a white plate
Credit: ddukang / Getty

A question you may have wondered more than once: How much longer do I have to eat this avocado before it becomes too mushy to enjoy? According to TikTok, the answer is simple: store your avocado in water to make it last longer without compromising flavor or texture. But, does that actually work?

In short—yes! The only thing that really slows the ripening process of an avocado is limiting its exposure to oxygen. We tend to assume an avocado's peel is an impenetrable force that protects the fruit (yes, it's a fruit!). However, in reality, the fruit's peel is very thin and porous, so leaving it exposed to oxygen hastens the ripening process.

In a side-by-side test, I noted how water storage affected the overall texture and flavor of the avocado. One whole ripe avocado was left as is, while the other was stored in a resealable container (ie. a glass jar) filled with water. Both were left on the kitchen counter at room temperature. The avocado that was stored in water developed brown spots in about four days; the other was far past its prime in only two.

Our champion avocado did not taste water-logged, and the water storage technique did not compromise its texture. It is important to note that starting with an already ripe avocado will give you the best results when trying this trick. Thanks TikTok!


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