Cat wearing breakaway cat collar
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The 10 Best Breakaway Cat Collars to Shop Now

Breakaway cat collars have a button that snaps open when pressure is applied, protecting your felines from injury should their collar get stuck on a tree branch, fence, or other structure.
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Whether you have an indoor cat that regularly likes to dash out of the house or one that you allow to roam free outdoors, investing in a cat collar and tag is an easy way to keep your furry friend safe should it stray too far from home. There's more to choosing a collar than simply making sure it fits your feline, though. As the pets are known for getting themselves stuck in precarious situations, it's a good idea to purchase a breakaway collar with a buckle that snaps open when it becomes caught on something, like a tree or fence. "Cats are Olympic-level athletes," says Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, senior veterinarian with Schwarzman Animal Medical Center-NYC. "As they climb trees, slink through bushes, and stalk rodents, their collar can get caught on protruding branches or the like. Breakaway collars snap with only a little bit of pressure and release the cat caught on a branch or other protruding object by their collar."

Our Top Picks

Before purchasing a breakaway collar, be sure to test it out by giving it a tug—it should snap right open. "You don't want it to come apart so easily that the collar will fall off at the slightest provocation, but you also don't want it to be so hard that the cat can't get free if it needs to," explains Dr. Gary Richter, holistic veterinarian and founder of Ultimate Pet Nutrition. Richter also says to look for a collar that can support an identification tag in case your kitten gets lost. To help make the choice easier, we outlined some of the best breakaway collars on the market, which you can purchase right now.

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Expawlorer Wave Point Adjustable Cat Collars

$10.99 for 6,

Available in a pack with six different color options, this collar will easily break under your cat's weight. Made of durable nylon, the chic feline accessory is breathable, comfortable, and can be adjusted from eight inches to 12 inches, making it suitable for both small and large cats. 

Breakaway Cat Collar
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Taglory Reflective Cat Collars Breakaway with Bell

$9.99 for two,

Not only will this cat collar break apart if your cat gets caught on something, but its reflective material will also make them easier to spot in the dark. What's more, the cute piece comes with a bell attached that's easily removable if you'd rather use the hook for an identification tag instead. 

Breakaway Cat Collar
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Murom Breakaway Cat Collar


This chic leather collar will have your furry friend strutting around in style. Available in nine different colors—pink, brown, blue, red, green, dark brown, aquamarine, peach, and graphite—the adjustable, breakaway collar is great for everyday use. 

Breakaway Cat Collar
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GoTags Personalized Cat Collars with Breakaway Safety Release Buckle


Instead of purchasing an identification tag separately, have the information embroidered directly onto the collar, like this option allows. The breakaway accessory comes with your phone number and cat's name sewn into the design. It also keeps your pet comfortable thanks to the nylon webbing, which has smooth, tapered edges for a perfect fit that's suitable for cats of all sizes. 

Breakaway Cat Collar with Bow Tie
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Covoroza 3-Pack Cat Collar Breakaway with Removable Cute Bow Tie

$12.99 for three,

You don't have to sacrifice safety for trendiness, especially when you opt for this distinguished bow tie collar. The three-pack features shark patterns in different colors, including dark blue, light blue, and white. Plus, it comes with an attached bell, so you'll be able to hear your pet, even if you can't see him.

Breakaway Cat Collars
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Reflective Cat Collar with Bell

$9.94 for six,

Reflective to keep your feline protected at night, this adorable piece is covered in hearts and paw prints and features a scalloped edge that sets it apart from other offerings. Another cute feature? The breakaway button has a cat face etched into it. 

Breakaway Cat Collar Bandanas
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Necoichi Kimono Bandana Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell


Your cat will stand out from the crowd in this bandana-style collar, which is made from a durable fabric used for kimonos. This design also comes with a bell that chimes sweetly as your kitten moves.

Breakaway Cat Collar
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Red Dingo Nylon Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell


This piece is fitting, given cats' affinity for canned fish—and its breakaway clasp is shaped like the sea creatures, too. The design is also equipped with a wildlife safety bell to warn nearby birds and small animals that your feline is on the way.

Breakaway Cat Collar
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LupinePet Originals Cat Safety Collar


Thanks to this collar, which comes in a variety of unique patterns and colors, from sea glass and lollipop to jelly roll and tail feathers, your cat will look great with this wrapped around its neck. The breakaway design will only snap open under four pounds of pressure, however, so make sure your pet fits the requirement prior to purchasing. 

Breakaway Cat Collar
Credit: Breakaway Cat Collar

Frisco Nylon Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell


This simple, fuss-free collar is made of nylon webbing that's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Designed for cats eight pounds or heavier, the breakaway accessory includes a metal ring for your pet's identification tag.