The surveyors polled 2,000 dog owners to come up with their findings.
Black and white border collie holding toy ball in mouth
Credit: Iuliia Zavalishina / Getty Images

Just as humans have different personality types, so do our furry companions. A recent survey of 2,000 dog owners, which was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Ollie, asked respondents to describe their pets' characteristics and found that many have funny, quirky, and loyal dogs. What's more, 70 percent of survey participants feel they can read their canine's mind, while 74 percent are confident they understand what their pet wants at any given time. 

After gaining insight into the different traits of the participants' dogs, the surveyors were able to break the different personalities into distinct groups. Many describe their pet as "The Guardian," which is synonymous for being protective, imposing, and attached. Others say their furry friend is "The Family Dog," meaning it's easy to get along with, great with children, and gentle. There's also "The Class Clown" (goofy, entertaining, clumsy), "The Dedicated Worker" (reliable, obedient, high-energy), "The WatchDog" (vigilant, alert, barks a lot), and "The Independent Thinker" (intelligent, inquisitive, likes to do things on their own).

Parents of "The Guardian" feel they're notably understanding of what their dog wants, while 72 percent of all dog owners feel they know what their pet will do before they do it. Additionally, three in five respondents who have "The Class Clown" as their pet say they know what silly antics their pup will do next. Survey participants who feel their dog is clumsy and high-energy, like "The Class Clown" (27 percent) or "The Watch Dog" (41 percent) are more likely to secure their homes by moving toxic items like medication out of reach, cover trash cans, and block small spaces.

Understanding your pet's personality type may be helpful when you're tying to figure out what your dog is going to do next, especially for the 78 percent of parents who say their dog knows when they're doing something bad. What's more, 68 percent feel their dogs are too energetic to keep up with, while 41 percent have doggie proofed their homes for rambunctious pups. No matter what they defined as their pets personality type, however, many dog owners describe their dogs as loving (35 percent), playful (33 percent), and intelligent (32 percent).


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