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The 6 Best Wide-Tooth Combs on the Market, According to Hair Stylists

This inexpensive tool is excellent for detangling knots and adding extra volume to your hair.
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A wide-tooth comb is an essential hair care tool that's incredibly versatile. "They are great for detangling the hair before and while you shampoo in the shower," points out Angela Stevens, an Emmy Award-winning hairstylist and Cantu ambassador. "Wide-tooth combs are also essential for creating volume after a twist out or wet set," she adds. "They help you comb the first two inches from the root." Additionally, these combs are gentle, low-manipulation stying tools suitable for every hair type, from straight to coily. "A wide-tooth comb is less damaging on your hair than a regular brush," says Amber Fillerup Clark, a hair stylist-turned-influencer and the founder Dae. If you don't use it carefully, a brush can ultimately damage the cuticle and cause tangles and breakage.

Ahead, check out some of the best expert-approved wide-tooth combs out there.

Shop the Best Wide-Tooth Combs on the Market

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Cantu Sturdy Detangle Comb

$3.99, target.com

Stevens says this wide-tooth comb is her go-to; she keeps it in her shower at home to detangle her hair after she washes it. "The hook on the end enables me to leave it hanging in the shower, while the long, wide teeth allow me to easily detangle my hair with low manipulation," she says. It is ideal for those with tighter curl patterns since the thick, strong teeth remove knots with ease. 

Wide tooth comb on solid background
Credit: Courtesy of Sephora

PATTERN by Tracee Ellis Ross Wide Tooth Comb

$15, sephora.com

Fillerup Clark loves this comb, which was designed to detangle curly and coily hair—and encourage volume when fluffing out dry strands.

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Credit: Courtesy of dae

Dae Wide Tooth Comb

$12, daehair.com

After using a hair mask in the shower, Fillerup Clark turns to this comb. "It makes [brushing and blow drying] so much easier!" she says. "I'm not fighting through tangles, [like I do] with a regular brush, and this comb is so much gentler. I use it on my girls' hair, too!"

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Credit: Courtesy of Sephora

Fable and Mane Scalp Massager Comb

$15, sephora.com

"A wide-tooth comb is gentle, massages your scalp, and prevents tangles," Fillerup Clark says. This comb from Fable & Mane can help you achieve all of the above. The natural scalp massager is compatible with all scalp and hair types; it also detangles and boosts volume.

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Credit: Courtesy of Target

Cantu Style Carbon Fiber Combs

$6.99, target.com

Inside this set, which, when used in tandem, will minimize frizz and increase shine, you will find a handy wide-tooth comb. Stevens says she likes this iteration for adding volume to curly styles.

Wide tooth comb on solid background
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HYOUJIN Black Wide Tooth Comb

$5.99, amazon.com

Both experts note how important it is to have a comb that you can use in the shower (combing through hair while it is conditioned and wet promotes softness). This option is designated for those who have wavy, frizz-prone strands, and works well on post-shower damp hair, too.