Combine flowers and food when you treat Mom to a cocktail, cake, salad, or cookie that's an edible bouquet.

A bouquet of flowers is always a fitting way to celebrate Mom on Mother's Day, but this year consider making her day extra special with a new spin—adding edible flowers to your meal. Symbols of beauty and love, floral embellishments are an extra special touch to desserts such as cakes and cookies, a simple yet irresistible cocktail, and they lend pops of color to a spring salad.

When it comes to flowers for culinary use, don't just buy what you see at the florist. You need varieties that are edible and raised for use in food. Shop at a specialty grocer or online from sources like Gourmet Sweet Botanicals. Make sure the flowers have been grown organically and are therefore free of pesticides. Some common culinary varieties include pansies, violas, princess flowers, and marigolds.

Lillet Rosé Spring Cocktail

Toast Mom with the refreshing and fruity Lillet Rosé Spring Cocktail. It has a delightful floral finish, and it's hands-down one of our most popular cocktail recipes. It's also simple to prepare, with just three ingredients plus a showstopping garnish. To make it, shake Lillet Rosé, a fabulous wine-based aperitif, with gin and ruby red grapefruit juice until it's ice cold, then strain into coupe glasses. The floral elements of the cocktail ingredients are complimented by the edible flower garnish.

Credit: Romulo Yanes

Steamed Artichoke and Asparagus Salad

For a particularly pretty salad, start by selecting colorful in-season produce then add a next level touch—the edible floral finish. Our delicious Steamed-Artichoke and Asparagus Salad is as pretty as a work of art. Tender spring artichokes, asparagus, purple potatoes, crisp mixed greens, and red radishes are tossed with a vibrant Dijon vinaigrette. The final adornment, edible pansies, creates a plated bouquet of color, texture, and flavor with the floral wow factor.

embellished wreath cookie
Credit: Mike Krautter

Embellish Wreath Cookies

Spring flower wreaths are a delightful way to celebrate both the change in season and Mom this Mother's Day. The base of our Embellished Wreath Cookies is a classic crisp sugar cookie. The gorgeous ring of decor is a pastel palette of candied flowers, crystallized ginger, and chopped pistachios.

sugared flowered doughnuts
Credit: Ryan Liebe

Sugared-Flowered Doughnuts

These Sugared-Flowered Doughnuts are ideal for breakfast in bed, a more formal brunch, or they can also double as dessert. The doughnuts are baked and dipped in an orange blossom glaze and finished with candied flowers. Sugaring the flowers lends them both a crunchy coating and dewy look; it also preserves the color and shape of the flowers, letting you prepare this treat ahead of time.

Daffodil Cake
Credit: Nico Schinco

Daffodil Cake

Our Daffodil Cake mimics the lovely spring flowers that inspired it with two layers—one a light and airy white angel food cake layer, the other a richer orange and lemon cake. To stay within the daffodil color palate, adorn the glazed cake with different shades of orange, yellow, and white pansies. Glaze the cake once it has cooled but wait to garnish it with flowers until just before serving.


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