novogratz Concord Audio Rack
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

11 Vinyl Record Storage Solutions That Will Keep Your Favorite Music Collection Safe and Streamlined

Choose from this stylish mix of turntables, shelves, and consoles when sourcing a piece to organize your LPs.
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Vinyl records aren't just for playing music. These collectors' items are relics of history that showcase your interests, honor various aspects of culture, and feature striking art on their covers. For these reasons and more, displaying your favorite pressings in your home can turn a bare room into a warm, welcoming, and visually interesting space—which means you need the right storage solutions to help you keep all those LPs organized.

Top Picks

Today's vinyl record storage options often incorporate mid-century style and various retro accents into their design, and are sturdy, too; the best iterations protect fragile albums while simultaneously nodding to the vintage details of these records. Ahead, we rounded up some of the best vinyl storage shelves, tables, and racks on the market so you can organize your records and spark insightful conversations about music, culture, and more with anyone who enters your listening space.

Crosley Manchester Turntable Stand
Credit: Courtesy West Elm

Crosley Manchester Turntable Stand

from $110, West Elm

This mid-century-inspired piece offers spacious storage that holds both your record player and 25 of your favorite albums. Crafted from hardwood with a white or black finish, this stand's sleek shape will pair nicely with other furniture.

eco decors Simple Media Shelves
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

EcoDecors Simple Media Shelves

$192.99, Wayfair

This compact, minimalistic piece manages to hold up to 200 vinyl records without taking up much space. Made of sturdy metal, the angular, slanted shape fits easily into a corner and complements plants, side tables, and more.

crosley Large Liam Record Storage Console Cabinet
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Crosley Large Liam Record Storage Console Cabinet

$271.99, TARGET

For a larger record storage option that can function as a room's centerpiece, this multi-purpose console cabinet can hold vinyls, books, and even a TV. Its mid-century modern design and tapered legs ensure an elegant look, however you utilize it.

MODERN VINYL Record Holder
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Modern Vinyl Matte Black Metal Record Holder

$39.95, Amazon

This simple vinyl rack sits conveniently atop tables and bookcases while holding up to 100 LPs. Assemble it yourself in less than 10 minutes for a good-looking storage solution that stands out next to your record player.

metal wire Vinyl Record Storage Shelf
Credit: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters Vinyl Record Storage Shelf

$99, Urban Outfitters

With its vintage aesthetic, this gold-hued stand will bring timeless style to your bedroom or living room. You can place your record player on one of its shelves, and conveniently store your favorite LPs in its 30 record slots.

Crosley Stackable Record Storage Crate
Credit: Courtesy of West Elm

Crosley Stackable Record Storage Crate

$60, West Elm

Stack individual Crosley-branded wood crates on top of each other to make your own record storage piece; each cube can hold up to 40 LPs per crate. It's a simple, but creative way to stay organized while highlighting your favorite music.

Victrola Storage Case For Vinyl Turntable Records
Credit: Courtesy of Macy's

Victrola Storage Case for Vinyl Turntable Records

$59.99, Macy's

Honor the history of vinyl records with this affordable storage case. Monochrome with gold hardware, this portable box comes with a handle so you can easily move your music stash around your home.

novagratz Helix Vinyl Record Storage
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Novogratz Helix Vinyl Record Storage

$84.99, Target

This geometric metal stand features two slanted shelves to stylishly display your favorite album covers. The matte black finish turns the stand into an accent piece that will look striking next to a colorful décor moment.

wood Vinyl Record Storage Shelf
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Vinyl Record Storage Solutions Bookcase

$66.90, Amazon

You can position this wooden bookcase horizontally or vertically, allowing you to make the design choice most convenient for your space. While this product is brand new, designers crafted the wood to appear older, creating a fun antique aesthetic.

metal KRONNDORF Handmade Vinyl Record Storage Furniture Rack
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

KRONNDORF Handmade Vinyl Record Storage Stand

$89.99, Amazon

Turn your vinyl records into a geometric art installation with this unique steel rack. Up to 200 LPs will be displayed in a diamond shape, easily becoming a focal point of the room.

novogratz Concord Audio Rack
Credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

Novogratz White Concord Audio Rack

$279.99, Wayfair

With two wooden drawers, this spacious audio rack can be used to store more than vinyl records. Black hairpin legs and white cabinets make for a chic retro look that stands out.