Mother's Day Baking Projects You and Your Mom Can Tackle Together

There's nothing quite like whipping up a special dessert with Mom—and then enjoying the fruits of your labor together.

blueberry cupcakes
Photo: Jonathan Lovekin

On Mother's Day, could there be a better way to celebrate your mom than by creating a beautiful treat together in the kitchen? Sure, making a special dessert is always a lovely way to say, "I love you, Mom," but the shared bonding experience of baking it as a team is truly unbeatable. Start by selecting a recipe you know your mom will love; whether she craves chocolate, cake, or fruit, we have several beautiful, fun options to try. Then, purchase your ingredients and organize your baking tools, so all Mom has to focus on is the fun part (think mixing and decorating!). Ahead, discover five different Mother's Day baking projects that are as fun to make as they are delicious to eat.

Blueberry Cupcakes

The swirly Blueberry Cupcakes pictured above have a crunchy cinnamon streusel topping that contrasts with the tender blueberry cake. What really makes them stand out, though, is the easy-to-make (and surprisingly fail-proof!) blueberry cream cheese icing. The trick to this beautiful topping? Add the jam to the top of the icing before spooning it into a pastry bag; this ensures the two swirl, rather than combine into one. This recipe serves 12, so Mom might have the bonus of leftovers—which shouldn't be an issue. These cupcakes make for a sweet breakfast side or afternoon snack the following day.

peach and raspberry-oat cobbler
Kate Mathis

Peach-and-Raspberry Oat Cobbler

Relatively easy to make, this Peach-and-Raspberry Oat Cobbler comes together quickly. As for how it tastes? Oats in the biscuit topping lend an extra special compliment to the raspberry-peach filling. If we've convinced you to give it a try, tag-team each step of the recipe; Mom can prep the fruit while you make the topping, or go through them together (teamwork!). This recipe takes about an hour to bake and needs a few hours to cool, so get started in the morning or early afternoon, depending on mealtime. When you're ready to serve the fruits of your labor (pun intended!), we highly recommend topping the cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

strawberries-and-cream stack cake topped with fresh strawberries
Chris Simpson

Strawberries-and-Cream Stack Cake

Tiramisu meets strawberry shortcake in this Strawberries-and-Cream Stack Cake recipe, which is simple to put together, but yields an impressive result. Starting with store-bought ladyfingers means this no-bake cake is easy to prepare—but it's still plenty of fun to assemble together. Before you begin layering the ladyfingers, however, you'll need to tackle the homemade caramel and whip up the mascarpone cream. Then, take turns dipping the ladyfingers in the caramel sauce and arranging them on the platter, slathering the creamy filling and piling on in-season strawberries in between. The hardest thing about making this stack cake just might be waiting for it to set in the refrigerator—you'll need to allow plenty of time for that.

Marcus Nilsson

Flourless Chocolate-Date Cake

If you both love chocolate, satisfy your mutual cravings with this indulgent Flourless Chocolate-Date Cake. Partially sweetened by juicy Medjool dates rather than just sugar, there is a delicious caramel background note which is emphasized by the bourbon and salted caramel sauce served on top. The cake requires some technique—you'll need to whip the egg whites to keep things light and fluffy while you're making the caramel sauce—but it's nothing you and Mom can't handle together. The end result is a beautiful chocolate treat that hits the spot with all its fudge-filled goodness.

pistachio cannoli cake, green marble cake stand

Pistachio Cannoli Cake

Layered cakes are always more fun to make as a team, especially when you have help from Mom. Don't shy away from trying this gorgeous cannoli-inspired pistachio cake—dive right into the project and spend some creative time in the kitchen with your matriarch. To streamline the process, bake and cool the pistachio cakes in advance (up to a day ahead) and then work on the decorating as a dynamic duo. Start by preparing the ricotta filling, which is studded with candied orange peel and cinnamon. Then, take turns brushing the edges of each layer with chocolate while the other presses in the pistachios; layer accordingly. Refrigerate your masterpiece for at least 1 hour before you serve it—we promise that it will be worth the wait.

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