Samsung's Spring Sale Features Up to 30 Percent Off Cordless Vacuums—Shop Our Top Picks Here

From pet-specific to self-cleaning models, you'll want to score one of Samsung's cordless vacuums while they are discounted.

samsung bespoke jet cordless stick vacuum
Photo: Courtesy of Samsung

Spring cleaning is in full swing and, if you're like us, vacuuming all of the nooks and crannies in your home is a top priority. To tackle hard to reach places you need a vacuum that has mobility—like this cordless design. It's lighter and more compact than bulky corded vacuums, and it can fit under tight spaces (like under the bed). Cordless vacuums are a splurge, which is why we're excited about Samsung's big sale on their best-selling stick vacuums. Their must-have products, from pet-specific to self-cleaning models, are up to 30 percent off now until April 20. What's more, you can bundle some of their vacuums with a clean station that empties the dust bin for you so you don't have to get your hands dirty. Ahead, discover all of our favorite cordless vacuums to shop now.

Top Picks

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Samsung Jet 70 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum with Lightweight Design

samsung jet 70 pet cordless stick vacuum
Courtesy of Samsung

With two batteries offering 40 and 120 minutes of uninterrupted vacuuming, you'll be able to clean the entire house without worrying the appliance will die. This model is ideal for pet owners, as the high capacity dust bin collects more dirt, dust, and debris without the need for frequent emptying.

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Samsung Jet 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Long-Lasting Battery

samsung jet 75 complete cordless stick vacuum
Courtesy of Samsung

This model tracks your vacuums vitals while you clean, including the power level and brush type. It also monitors alerts including airflow issues, clogs, and missing filters so you'll never have any surprise technical issues. The clog-reducing jet cyclone technology provides powerful suction that ensures debris stays inside the bin rather than spitting it back out into your home.

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Samsung Jet 60 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum

samsung jet 60 cordless stick vacuum
Courtesy of Samsung

Weighing in at just six pounds, this sleek rose gold cordless vacuum can get to hard to reach areas thanks to its 180-degree swivel head. It also features a five-layer filtration system that captures close to 100 percent of micro-dust particles, so you can say goodbye to pet hair once and for all.

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Samsung Jet 90 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Dual Charging Station

samsung jet 90 complete cordless stick vacuum with dual charging station
Courtesy of Samsung

Four different length adjustments make this vacuum perfect if you have people in your household that stand at different heights. The lightweight model has a battery life of one hour and the fully washable high-capacity dust bin efficiently captures dust and debris.

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Bespoke Jet Cordless Stick Vacuum with All in One Clean Station in Midnight Blue

samsung bespoke jet cordless stick vacuum
Courtesy of Samsung

Available in three different colors—Misty White, Midnight Blue, and Woody Green—this innovative design is equipped with a clean station that empties the jet stuck dust bin at the click of the button. The station retains 99.9 percent of debris so you don't need to worry about dander re-polluting your home.

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