Think outside the Easter basket and nestle sweets into papier-mâché egg boxes adorned with these millinery-inspired blooms.
eggs with ribbon flowers
Dane Tashima

Your Easter decorations can and should go beyond dyed eggs. These blossoms are no-sew; just fold a length of ribbon into accordion pleats and clamp each end with a binder clip. Tie the bundle in the middle with a thinner ribbon, release the clips so the sides open into a farfalle-pasta shape, and glue the side edges together to create a ruffled circle. Once it's dry, pull a thin ribbon through the center as a "stem." Then, trim the an egg-shaped box (a fun alternative to the traditional basket!) with matching ribbon, plant the flowers on top, and fill 'er up. These sweet details actually make the perfect accent on a myriad of holiday tchotchkes, including cards.

Created by Silke Stoddard and Tanya Graff


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

ribbon flowers step one illustration
Step 1

Cut a piece of ribbon that's double the length of its width (so for a 5/8-inch ribbon, cut to 1 ¼-inch long; for a 1 ¼-inch ribbon, cut to 2 1/2 inches long). Fold into accordion pleats, and secure each end with a mini binder clip.

ribbon flowers step two illustration
Step 2

Tie center of ribbon "package" with pink ribbon, pulling it tightly and double-knotting. Remove clips.

ribbon flowers step three illustration
Step 3

Add a thin line of glue along edges of the two ribbons below pink knot. Press edges of ribbons together firmly. Repeat with ribbons above pink knot. Let dry completely.

ribbon flowers step four illustration
Step 4

Thread tapestry needle with a length of green ribbon. Pull through hole in middle of "flower" to create a "stem."

Step 5

Use glue, adhesive dots, or double-sided tape to adhere a length of ribbon around edge of box. Arrange ribbon flowers on top and drape stems along box, securing ribbons with glue or adhesive dots.


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