Three Smart Recipes That Put Common Types of Leftover Produce to Good Use

Never toss cabbage, lemons, or herbs again!

Spicy Braised Cabbage
Photo: Nico Schinco

By week's end, even meticulous meal planners can find themselves with not-so-perky produce staring back at them from the crisper drawer. To avoid tossing ours, we cooked up three pack-a-punch recipes that amplify the flavors of often-overlooked items. Give them a try and then raise a fork to your eco-minded resourcefulness.

Spicy Braised Cabbage

A half-head of cabbage can linger in the crisper drawer for a while. If you're past making Roasted Cabbage Wedges with it, we've got a lively recipe you'll love. Our Spicy Braised Cabbage, pictured above, calls for braising green cabbage wedges in a zesty, chile-spiced tomato sauce. The result is a rib-sticking side dish or meatless main.

whole lemon vinaigrette
Nico Schinco

Whole-Lemon Vinaigrette

When life gives you a lemon that is a little past its prime, it's not the time to make lemonade. Instead, chop it up and whisk it into a tart, tangy salad dressing. As its name suggests Whole-Lemon Vinaigrette use not just the juice, not just the zest, but the whole citrus fruit. Lemon lovers, salad lovers, this one is for you!

Nico Schinco

Scallion-Greens-and-Ginger Sauce

Don't you often find yourself wondering what to do with those scallion greens? Our Scallion-Greens-and-Ginger Sauce is a flavor-packed way to use them. Blend them with fresh ginger and cilantro, salt and oil, for a bright, herby sauce that's perfect for spooning onto seafood or chicken.

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