Each of our recipes will be a winning option when served as an extra dessert at the Seder or an anytime snack.
crystallized ginger and orange zest matzo
Credit: Kate Mathis

When you think about Passover food, your first thought might not be matzo treats, but it should be. Every year we turn the flat, unleavened bread into a super easy, make-ahead confection: chocolate-covered matzo. Without the covering of cacao matzo is, well, matzo. Spread it with melted chocolate, however, and you've got an irresistible sweet. Let's not leave it there: We also feel we should share more guidance gained by our tried-and-true sampling of matzo with chocolate. After all, if the combination of chocolate and matzo is good, bringing together chocolate, matzah, and other ingredients—such as toffee, nuts, crystallized ginger—should be even better. And it is!

If you're a truly Martha-level cook you might make your own matzo but really, the store-bought kind is fine here. Just be sure to use quality chocolate—the type you'd want to eat on its own rather than chips you reserve for cookies. Here, we share our top three sweet and easy-to-make recipes for chocolate matzo confections that you'll want to make for Passover and beyond.

Crystallized Ginger and Orange Zest Matzo

Ready to take your chocolate matzo cravings to the next level? We're here for you with this Crystallized Ginger and Orange Zest Matzo, pictured above, a spicy, zesty, sweet concoction that starts with matzo and dark chocolate and adds in finely chopped crystallized ginger and thin strips of orange zest.

pistachio honey and sea salt matzo
Credit: Kate Mathis

Pistachio, Honey and Sea Salt Matzo

If nuts not ginger are your thing, then go with this four-ingredient treat. The recipe for Pistachio, Honey and Sea Salt Matzo is similar to the ginger matzo above; it starts with melting dark chocolate, adding honey and then spreading it over sheets of matzo before sprinkling with roasted, unsalted pistachios. As always, the hardest part is waiting for the chocolate to set before you taste.


Matzo Toffee

Have you ever wondered what to do with those broken matzos? Here's an inspired way to use them! And if you don't have broken matzos, crumble some because this Matzo Toffee is worth the extra effort. Make an easy toffee with light brown sugar, butter, and salt, then toss broken matzos and sliced almonds with it; bake the mixture until golden. Remove from the oven, sprinkle with chocolate, and let it melt. Now it's time for the hard part: not sneaking a piece while you wait for five whole minutes or as the treat goes to cool in the refrigerator. Once it has set, you can taste!


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