Take your annual Easter egg hunt up a notch with these creative, thoughtful suggestions from event planners.
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Easter is an enjoyable time for many reasons—it celebrates the arrival of spring, it gives us an opportunity to enjoy good company and delicious food, and it's serves as the perfect excuse to eat plenty of chocolate (what more could you want out of a holiday?). But perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Easter is the egg hunt. For kids, few things compare to the unbridled joy of searching for the oval-shaped goodies and seeing what's inside. For parents, it's an opportunity to watch your children partake in a timeless tradition. While most people opt to fill their Easter eggs with candy, there's plenty of other options you can turn to that are equally as fun. "Having diversity in your egg fillings keeps it exciting for those filling, finding and opening them," says Jove Meyer, owner and creative director of Jove Meyer Events." Meyer encourages you to think creatively when deciding what to add to your eggs. To provide some inspiration, we turned to several event planners who shared their thoughts on what you should consider packing your Easter eggs with this year. 

Before you get started, however, there are a few things to consider when planning your egg hunt or packing your Easter baskets. Liven It Up Events creative director Anthony Navarro says to think about who is participating in the event before deciding on filling options. "I have a three-year-old nephew that loves cars, trucks, Spiderman, and the Avengers," he offers as an example. "Those are clues on items to fill those eggs with." Navarro says to consider their likes, dislikes, and interests—and to take the size of the eggs into account and avoid picking up anything that won't fit inside. If you want to include a few beauty items, for example, look to the travel or sample-size section. Lastly, "think about where you are going to hide the eggs," Navarro notes. "If outside, make sure whatever is in the egg can withstand the temperature, warm or cold." 

Small Toys

Of course, children will enjoy finding candy in their Easter eggs, but why not also fill them with things they can play with long after the holiday is over? Virginia Trafton Frischkorn, owner of Bluebird Productions, says "fun little toys that are a step above the toss-away kind offer a great alternative to candy." Frischkorn suggests miniature cars, bouncy balls, and glow in the dark playthings as great options. 

Gift Certificates

If you're making baskets for or have older kids participating in your Easter egg hunt, consider providing gift certificates in addition to or in lieu of candy. "These are good because they can be specific or general and can be used for all sorts of items," Meyer says, adding that they don't need to be for a high value. Five or $10 cards to a "local coffee or sandwich shop or bakery is a fun way to surprise and delight, and it can be used later to extend the joy of the moment."

Scavenger Hunt Clues

To create a game within the game, Navarro loves the idea of filling the eggs with clues for a DIY scavenger hunt. To do so, have each clue lead the participants to the next egg. When they reach the end, you can set up a basket with prizes for everyone, featuring candy, toys, gift cards, and anything else that suits the group. 

Puzzle Pieces 

Another cute way to keep the fun going after the hunt is finished is to fill the eggs with puzzle pieces. Navarro says to put multiple pieces in various eggs and scatter them around the location of your event so that the participants have to find each one in order to put the whole puzzle together. Assembling the puzzle can be something fun that everyone does together later in the day. 

Hand-Written Notes 

If you have a few stray eggs and nothing to fill them with, a thoughtful option that anyone can pull off at the last minute is to place hand-written notes or uplifting words inside. "These will give the receiver a pep in their step and raise their spirit. It is fun, uplifting, and heartfelt," Meyer says. You can even make the keepsakes an annual tradition if they're a hit with your guests!

Beauty Supplies

Pamper your Easter visitors by adding some beauty supplies into the mix. Meyer recommends nail polish and makeup as examples, but the possibilities really are endless. "Have fun with mini beauty items that can be used after the hunt together," he says. For Navarro, desirable products include lip gloss, chapstick, or hair accessories, but you can also include jewelry, like beaded bracelets, rings, earrings, or necklaces.  


Are any creative little ones joining in? Arts and craft supplies will make their day when they open their Easter eggs. "Add small stamps and other small art supplies to your eggs this year," advises Frischkorn. If you're in need of some ideas, Navarro has plenty: He recommends including small markers, crayons, colored pencils, and erasers. "These are all things that kids can use and play with after they hunt for eggs," he says.


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