According to LawnStarter, New York City, San Diego, and Miami are the most craft-friendly cities to live in the United States.
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Are you a knitting guru? An avid painter? Love to scrapbook? According to new data from LawnStarter, you may want to consider moving to a craft-friendly city. To determine the best locations for crafting, the company ranked the 200 biggest cities across the country based on 11 key indicators, including where you can easily access supplies, knit and mingle with local makers, learn new crafting techniques, and visit the most craft fairs and thrift stores.

Based on their metric system, the company determined that New York, New York, is the best city for crafting. The Big Apple received an overall score of 52.11receiving a 37 for accessibility, 1 community, 2 for eduction, and 4 for number of events. The city is one of few that hosts a seasonal Renegade Craft Fair, which is one of the largest in the nation ad features hundreds of local craftspeople, according to LawnStarter. New York lost points, however, in the access category because it has a lack of big craft chains, like Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts. Despite this fact, the city makes up for it with its many independent arts and crafts supply stores.

Following New York City, LawnStarter rounded out the top five best cities for crafters with San Francisco, California (46.83 overall, 11 for access, seven for community, five for education, and two for events), Miami, Florida (38.16 overall, one for access, 45 for community, 56 for education, and 16 for events), Seattle, Washington (33.91 overall, 43 for access, two for community, 18 for education, and 47 for events), and Paterson, New Jersey (32.36 overall, two for access, 142 for community, 114 for education, and 11 for events).

The city that received the lowest ranking for craft friendliness was Enterprise, Nevada, which had an overall score of 1.23. The city ranked near the bottom for every category as there are few stores to buy craft supplies, no maker community, and only one art class available to the public. Other cities that joined Enterprise at the bottom of the list included: Laredo, Texas (2.17 overall, 184 for access, 173 for community, 200 for education, and 175 for events), Anchorage, Alaska (1.78 overall, 200 for access, 142 for community, 109 for education, and 173 for events), Columbus, Georgia (1.69 overall, 192 for access, 165 for community, 188 for education, and 179 for events), and Brownsville, Texas (1.28 overall, 189 for access, 173 for community, 188 for education, and 198 for events).

Despite some of the low rankings, Americans are crafting now more than ever. According to LawnStarter, the ongoing pandemic has caused many people to take up crafting as a hobby to alleviate stress and boredom, as well as learn new skills. Some crafters even became so good at DIY projects that they turned it into a business. In 2020, Etsy more than doubled its revenues to a record-breaking $1.7 billion. The surge is attributed to an increase in sales for handmade products.


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