Make Your Easter Celebration Extra Special with Our Cutest Bunny- and Chick-Shaped Dessert Recipes

Honey Bunnies
Photo: Nico Schinco

The most adorable mascots of the spring holiday are here in cookie, cake, and cupcake form.

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There's something so refreshing about planning an Easter celebration and choosing the recipes you'll serve at your family's holiday party. Not only does Easter mean that warm weather is (finally) here, but it also corresponds with the welcoming of new life. Think: freshly blooming flowers, bright green grass, and, of course, plenty of adorable baby bunnies and chicks—so much so that both animals have become mascots of the Easter holiday.

Given all that, it makes sense that many spring dessert recipes honor these beloved critters. Some treats resemble the actual shapes of bunnies and chicks, like the white chocolate rabbits pictured here, while others are loosely inspired by them. In either case, such confections are ideal for sprucing up your Easter menu—or, if you have kids, customizing homemade Easter baskets. Moreover, these recipes tend to capture some of the best flavors of spring, thanks to ingredients like shredded coconut, succulent chocolate, and fluffy marshmallows.

When it's time to present these cute Easter bunny and chick recipes, try incorporating natural materials and pastel colors. For example, a repurposed wicker basket or plain wooden box can serve as a beautiful vessel for homemade cookies, cupcakes, and more. You can also use shredded kraft paper as a filler or tie pastel fabric scraps around the container. Or if you're serving an Easter cake at a spring soirée, display the plate or cake stand on top of a rugged wooden plaque. These simple yet beautiful details will emphasize the soothing, nature-inspired qualities of the cherished spring season.

From sugar-coated bunny marshmallows to coconut chick-shaped cupcakes, these charming recipes will complete your Easter spread.

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Honey Bunnies

Honey Bunnies
Nico Schinco

Hot cross bunnies beat buns any day! These rabbits start with a brioche-style dough flavored with citrus zest. After it rises, it's divided into smaller pieces to form the heads and ears, baked, and brushed with a golden honey-butter glaze. For the last step, quick-mix an icing from confectioners' sugar and pink food coloring, and pipe on their adorable expressions.

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Watercolor Easter Bunny Cookies

rabbit cookies pastel painted
Bryan Gardner

When it comes to the holidays, you can't go wrong with recipes that double as kid-friendly activities. Such is the case with these watercolor cookies, which call for edible luster dust "paints." Plus, one batch yields 36 cookies, so you'll have no problem feeding a crowd.

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Bunny Carrot Cake


There's no doubt about it: Carrot cake is a classic Easter confection. If you want to elevate the festive factor, try making this bunny-shaped version. The best part? No fancy cake decorating skills are required, as the "fur" is made of cream cheese frosting and mini marshmallows.

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Coconut Chick Cupcakes


During the holidays, cookies get a lot of attention—but we can't forget about cupcakes. These delightful coconut-coated Easter "chicks" are made of sweet vanilla-bean cupcakes, luscious buttercream, and crunchy nuts and candies

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Bunny Cookies

bunny shaped cookies
Aaron Dyer

You don't need cookie cutters to make bunny cookies. This clever recipe transforms balls of sugar-cookie dough into bunnies using carefully placed details. How sweet is that?

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Sugar Cookie Bunnies

Sugar Cookie Bunnies
Mikkel Vang

For a classic take on holiday cookies, make this simple and straightforward recipe. Tip: Tie ribbon around each cookie instead of using royal icing. It's the perfect mess-free method for quickly decorating cookies.

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Easter Chick Cookies

easter chick and egg cookies
Chelsea Cavanaugh

Shortbread cookies and lemon icing come together in this bright and cheerful dessert. Once you've baked and iced the cookies, have the kids (and adults!) decorate them with sprinkles, sanding sugar, and mini chocolate chips.

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Coconut-Macaroon Nests

Aaron Dyer

These four-ingredient coconut macaroon baskets are almost too cute to eat. Each bite-sized nest can be filled with various Easter candies, like mini chocolate eggs or jellybeans.

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Nesting Baby-Bluebird Cupcakes


With a few well-placed dollops of blue buttercream, you can turn coconut-topped cupcakes into charming bluebird nests. Another option is to dye the buttercream yellow for a trio of baby chicks.

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Marshmallow Easter Critters

Marshmallow Easter Critters

For a homemade take on marshmallow critters, try this darling recipe. The marshmallows require just five ingredients, including sanding sugar in the colors of your choice.

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Chocolate-Coated Marshmallow Chicks

marshmallow bird nest
Gentl & Hyers

This treat resembles an iconic Easter treat that we all know and love. But thanks to the addition of chocolate, each fluffy chick will taste even sweeter.

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Bunny Cake

Bunny shaped Cake buttercream frosting

A bunny-shaped pan is an essential tool for Easter baking, as proven by this adorable cake. Finish it off with buttercream and shredded coconut for an eye-catching layer of "fur."

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

This recipe may not be shaped like a bunny or chick, but you can easily add an imprint of either critter. Use a springerle mold to stamp bunny and chick designs into fondant circles, then layer them on top of carrot cake cupcakes.

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Truffle Eggs


Heavy cream, bittersweet chocolate, and butter come together in these luscious egg-shaped truffles. Enjoy them as is or serve in a truffle-egg nest with rich chocolate cake and ganache frosting.

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