Two-thirds of the respondents say their pet is a cleaner and quieter companion.
woman in bed cuddling older dog
Credit: Maria Korneeva / Getty Images

When you're in the mood to cuddle, do you turn to your significant other for affection or your pet? If your top pick is your furry friend, know that you're definitely not alone. According to a new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Lovesac, 61 percent of pet owners would rather share their couch or bed with their pet rather than their significant other.

The survey, which polled over 2,000 pet owners, found the two-thirds of respondents feel their pet is usually a quieter and cleaner companion. Additionally, researchers found that 40 percent of pet owners say they have a higher quality of sleep when they share their sofa or bed with their fuzzy companion, with 59 percent attributing their better sleep to the fact their pet doesn't need to use the bathroom, and 53 percent say it's because their slumber isn't disturbed by snoring.

According to pet owners, 75 percent of dog owners and 65 percent of cat owners say their pets gets better sleep than they do. Besides sleeping in their owners' beds, 51 percent of pets would rather sleep on a carpet or rug, while 37 percent nap on a table, and 29 percent cozy up on a pile of laundry. These weird sleeping habits apply to humans, too. The survey reveals that just as many people (30 percent) have used their laundry as a bed, while 44 percent have napped on the floor, and 36 percent have fallen asleep at their table or desk.

Despite the respondents who love to cuddle up with their pets, half (51 percent) say they'd never allow their animals on the couch. There are some factors that made them reconsider, however, like if they had an older couch (77 percent) and if their sofa had washable covers (65 percent). This group of respondents may be on to something though, as more than 52 percent say their pet has damaged their couch and 69 percent of those people were forced to throw the piece of furniture away.


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