Brooklinen's Presidents' Day Sale Features 15% Off All Bedding and Bath Essentials Sitewide—Shop Our Favorites

Boost comfort with these luxurious fabrics during the limited-time event.

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The linens in your home shouldn't be an afterthought: Your bedding can have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep and reaching for quality towels to dry off after a shower or bath can help contribute to a spa-like experience. If you're ready to give your sheets, pillow cases, blankets, towels, robes, and more an update, look to Brooklinen's Presidents' Day sale. The Brooklinen Luxe Move-In Bundle ($399.50, originally $470, includes a sheet bundle (with a 480-thread count), comforter, and two pillows for a complete set to cover your bed. Plus, you'll save 17 percent by purchasing these items in this bundle rather than separately. The Brooklinen Waffle Robe ($83.30, originally $98, is a great post-bath or shower staple. The design makes it lightweight and fast drying while also very absorbent. Here, shop all of our favorite bedding and bath essentials during this sale.

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brooklinen classic core sheet set, white
Courtesy of Brooklinen

Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set

The classic percale sheets, here, have a 270 thread count weave that is ideal for hot sleepers. They are made with 100 percent long-staple cotton that makes them soft to the touch.

Shop Now: Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set, $126.65 (originally $149),

brooklinen super plush towel move in bundle, grey
Courtesy of Brooklinen

Brooklinen Super-Plush Towel Move-In Bundle

This towel bundle includes four bath towels, four hand towels, four washcloths, and a bathmat that are all plush, thanks to a 820 GSM and z-twist material. You'll save 17 percent by opting for this set rather than buying towels separately.

Shop Now: Brooklinen Super-Plush Towel Move-In Bundle, $196.35 (originally $231),

brooklinen luxe move in bundle sheet set
Courtesy of Brooklinen

Brooklinen Luxe Move-In Bundle

Score a complete bedding refresh with this move-in bundle. The set includes a smooth sateen sheet bundle, comforter, and two pillows.

Shop Now: Brooklinen Luxe Move-In Bundle, $399.50 (originally $470),

brooklinen classic duvet cover, grey
Courtesy of Brooklinen

Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover

The 270-thread count weave in these percale sheets makes the bedding cool and breathable. The duvet cover has big buttons for secure, easy use.

Shop Now: Brooklinen Classic Duvet Cover, $109.65 (originally $129),

brooklinen linen core sheet set
Courtesy of Brooklinen

Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set

You can't go wrong with a set of comfortable linen sheets made from European flax. This set is great for year-round use, as they are light enough for warm-weather seasons and cozy when the temperatures start to drop, too.

Shop Now: Brooklinen Linen Core Sheet Set, $228.65 (originally $269),

brooklinen waffle robe, white
Courtesy of Brooklinen

Brooklinen Waffle Robe

After hopping out of the shower or a bath, turn to this waffle robe as a way to dry off. It's made of 100 percent Turkish cotton that's lightweight, fast-drying, and absorbent based on the weave texture.

Shop Now: Brooklinen Waffle Robe, $83.30 (originally $98),

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