Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates rank the highest across the country.
valentines day hearts candy in glass jar
Credit: CatLane / Getty Images

Valentine's Day is all about exchanging sweet sentiments, from flowers to love notes. It makes sense, then, that candy is also a big component of this holiday. According to a new study by Candystore.com, there's a wide range of top-ranking sweets that people across the country collectively love. As for the most popular iteration across the board? Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates—this delicacy was name as the favorite treat in 17 states, including Tennessee, Connecticut, North Carolina, Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Mexico, Washington, Indiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Residents from 12 other states—Alaska, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Virginia—loved conversation hearts most. Interestingly, conversation heart sales have actually been down 24 percent in recent years. But the Spangler brand (the company who makes them) launched a whole new array of phrases on these candies, and people have a renewed interest in them this year, the study noted. Next up on the list? M&M's: Residents out of Vermont, Oregon, North Dakota, New Jersey, Arizona, Kansas, Iowa, Maryland, and Pennsylvania ranked this candy as their go-to Valentine's Day treat.

Several states cited other chocolate-centric desserts as Valentine's Day favorites. In fact, 47 percent of people around the country noted that they are buying a box of chocolates for themselves this year—and 58 million pounds of chocolate are purchased throughout the week of Valentine's Day. As for the other chocolate confections on the list? Arkansas, Texas, Delaware, South Dakota, Utah voted for Hershey kisses; Montana, Maine, and Rhode Island opted for chocolate hearts; and Kentucky and Wyoming chose chocolate roses as their top candy to enjoy on February 14.

There were some curveballs: Nebraska and West Virginia selected cupid corn and Alabama was the sole state to choose a candy necklace to snack on during this holiday. Overall, there is an uptick in candy buying this year. According to the research, 56 percent of consumers (a record high) are planning on purchasing sweets on Valentine's Day in 2022. Plus, there will be $2.2 billion in candy sales this time around, coming in second to 2020, which saw $2.4 billion.


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