According to a new Sugarbreak survey, conducted by OnePoll, 71 percent of those polled have also experienced a sugar crash after indulging in sweets on the holiday.
chocolates wrapping box hearts
Credit: Chelsea Cavanaugh

Valentine's Day is near, so any last-minute shopping and crafting for the ones you love is likely on your to-do list. But sharing gifts and sweet holiday cards aren't the only traditions people turn to on February 14. According to a new survey by Sugarbreak, conducted by OnePoll, most consumers have their sights set on celebrating the holiday with sweets on deck. After polling 1,000 Americans, the findings revealed that 67 percent of the consumers usually indulge in chocolate on Valentine's Day, including 55 percent eating three or more pieces. Otherwise, 48 percent of respondents noted that they like to consume candy hearts, 44 percent eat gummies, and 50 percent snack on cake or cupcakes on this day.

While people with a sweet tooth are bound to love this sugar-centric holiday, the survey found that eating too many treats may not always leave everyone feeling their best. About 70 percent of the Americans polled said that they have experienced a sugar crash after going in on the sweets on Valentine's Day.

The desire for a treat doesn't end on Valentine's Day, though. Out of those surveyed, 90 percent of Americans who eat sweets on Valentine's Day said that they also eat their favorite Valentine's Day dessert after the holiday has passed. One out of 14 shared that they continue consuming their go-to sweet after one week or more after the holiday.

Sugarbreak's team found that people indulge in carbohydrates, as well, during this holiday: Sixty-five percent of the consumers said they are more likely to eat carbohydrate-rich foods on Valentine's Day than in everyday life. Plus, those who participated in the survey noted that consuming a treat seems irresistible. Seventy-five percent of Americans in the survey said that it's difficult to stop indulging in chocolate, candy, or another sweet after having one.


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