How to Fold or Arrange a Throw Blanket on Your Couch

Consider tucking your favorite blanket into thirds or artfully draping it over the arm of your sofa.

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Whether decorative or functional, a throw blanket, when placed properly on a couch, can transform a room. "These pieces don't only provide warmth and coziness—they add pops of color and extra dimension," says Joshua Smith, interior designer and founder of Joshua Smith, Inc. If you want to bring new energy into your living room, keep reading: Learn how to expertly fold and style throw blankets on your sofa with some advice from the experts.

Choose a folded or draped look.

Susan Davis Taylor of Davis Taylor Design notes that throw blankets can be folded in several different ways; ultimately, the method you choose should depend on where you want to place the piece. For example, you can decorate the arm of your sofa with a blanket by neatly folding it over the arm and underneath any throw pillows, Davis Taylor says. "If the blanket has fringe or an interesting pattern on the border, make sure that's visible to add some flare," she adds. Smith shares this arrangement leads to a clean, modern look. "For a more casual, lived-in feel, you may drape a throw blanket across the corner of the couch, positioned next to a couple throw pillows," he says. For an ultra-tidy aesthetic, Davis Taylor recommends folding the blanket into thirds, length-wise, and placing it on the corner seat—then, style pillows on top of it.

Consider your couch's size and style.

"For a standard-sized sofa, fold your throw blanket into thirds over the back of the sofa, then tuck it behind the cushion," advises Anastasia Casey of The Identitè Collective. "If you have a sectional with a chaise lounge, fold the blanket into thirds and layer it over the bottom of the chaise."

Think about where your sofa is situated.

If you have an open floor plan, "the back of your sectional is often visible—and so is the seam that goes across the back once the sectional is put together," notes Smith. In these instances, he recommends folding the blanket behind the cushions and over the back of the sofa to conceal the seam. Seam or no seam, however, the back of a couch is still a fantastic site for a throw blanket. "It's a great way to break up a sofa color and bring in a new print or textured fabric without committing to mixing upholstery," Davis Taylor says. "Fold the blanket so it's roughly the length of the sofa, then wrap it over the back under the pillows." This technique adds instant dimension to your overall room design. "From the front, you have a surprise fabric sneaking out behind the pillows," Davis Taylor says, "and from the back, you have a lovely clean line and an interesting pop."

Respond to the weather.

When you and your guests actually use the throw blankets—not just appreciate them visually—it's important to be practical. Unfortunately, there isn't exactly an aesthetically pleasing way to drape several folded blankets onto one sofa to provide for multiple guests. Instead, fold one blanket on the sofa following the above instructions, then put a chunky basket in the corner of the room, Smith says, and fill it with extra throws. That way, guests can access everything they need to be comfortable without disrupting a tidier style.

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