Twenty two percent of respondents reveal they go at least three days without brushing their teeth.
woman applying toothpaste to toothbrush
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Dentists recommend that we all brush our teeth twice a day, but as the pandemic continues to disrupt nearly everyone's habits and routines, a new study has found that the once-in-the-morning and once-at-night rule has gone off course for many. According to research conducted by OnePoll, 22 percent of respondents go at least three days without brushing their teeth. "Your mouth is a gateway to your overall health," says Dr. Alex George in a statement. Adding that it is linked with other issues, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even dementia.

The poll of 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom reveals that the pandemic has taken a toll on oral hygiene. Nearly a quarter of respondents admit that they didn't visit the dentist in 2021 and one in 20 say they only change their toothbrush every six months. Why is this? According to the participants, 26 percent say it was because they forgot to brush, but another 28 percent reveal it was because they had other health issues on their mind and oral maintenance wasn't a top priority.

The survey results have changed some respondents' minds when it comes to brushing their teeth. In fact, 25 percent of adults polled in the survey said they would stop viewing oral hygiene as a chore and instead view it as an integral part of their overall health.

Another survey of dentists confirms that people have dropped-off when it comes maintaining their oral health during the pandemic, reports. "The social factors surrounding the pandemic such as lockdown and homeworking have led to a decline in many people's oral health," says Monk Vasant, a dentist in London. "People don't realize that not brushing your teeth twice a day, even just for two weeks, can result in a build-up in plaque that can have a lasting impact and we're seeing this play out with the increase of patients presenting with gum disease and tooth decay."


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