You Can Now Get Martha's Baked Goods Delivered Straight to Your Door—Here's How to Shop

It's as close as you can get to having our founder in your kitchen.

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If you've read one of Martha's many cookbooks and dreamed that her creations would one day show up on your doorstep, you're in luck. Our founder's culinary masterpieces are being delivered to homes nationwide with the help of Goldbelly, an online marketplace for food. The products include everything from rich butter croissants and apricot danishes to kouign-amanns and cookies galore. Order enough for the whole family to enjoy and purchase an assortment of Martha's Cookies ($99 for a 12-pack, that feature our founder's favorite varieties, including kitchen sink, extraordinary chocolate chip, and white chocolate pecan. Or perhaps you want something that's suitable for breakfast and dessert. In that case, Martha's Favorite Pastry Assortment ($79 for a 12-pack, is the way to go—a smattering of all-butter croissants, danishes, and kouign-amanns (multi-layered mini cakes made with laminated dough) will keep your pantry filled with sweets for days. Here, shop all of our favorite treats from Martha's collaboration with Goldbelly.

Top Picks

Kouign Amanns Martha Stewart
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Talk about pastry heaven! Kouign-amann is a French treat that's made with layered pastry dough, sugar, and butter. When baked, the outer layer caramelizes thanks to a sprinkling of granulated sugar—cut into the crispy exterior and find an inside that's pillowy and tender.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart x Goldbelly Kouign-Amann Pack, $79 for eight,

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Danish Assortment

This pack contains a variety of apricot, cherry, and cream cheese danishes. When baked, the dough on these pastries become a flaky, buttery delight while the filling remains creamy and tart. Enjoy them for breakfast and dessert.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart x Goldbelly Danish Assortment Pack, $79 for 12,

Courtesy of Goldbelly

Pastry Assortment

Have you ever wondered what Martha's favorite pastries are? Now you can buy a pack filled with them. This assortment contains four each of our founder's signature croissants, apricot danishes, and kouign-amanns.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart x Goldbelly 'Martha's Favorite Pastry Assortment' Pack, $79 for 12,

Courtesy of Goldbelly

Croissant Assortment

No brunch menu is complete without croissants. With three different varieties, including flaky all-butter, chocolate studded, and raisin swirl, this 12-pack assortment is dessert heaven.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart x Goldbelly Croissant Assortment Pack, $79 for 12,

Courtesy of Goldbelly

Cookie Assortment

Martha calls these "one a day" cookies, because they're big enough to snack on all day long. Filled with her favorites, this pack features three kitchen sink, three extraordinary chocolate chip, and three white chocolate pecan cookies.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart x Goldbelly "Martha's Favorite Cookies" Pack, $79 for nine,

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