How Do You Eat Your Pizza? A New Survey Reveals 1 in 12 Americans Use a Fork and Knife

Additional techniques include eating the crust first and sandwiching two slices together.

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Pizza is one of the most universally loved foods. A bed of pillowy dough cooked to crisp perfection and topped with a sprinkle of bubbling melted cheese—what's not to like? Whether you make it at home or order it out at a restaurant, a good pie typically leaves the oven piping hot. To make it easier to eat, many people opt to fold their slice in half, but a new survey commissioned by Donatos and conducted by OnePoll, reveals that a select few (eight percent) actually eat pizza with a knife and fork.

To obtain their results, researchers surveys 2,000 pizza-loving adults in the United States, and found that two in three Americans consider themselves pizza experts. What's more, 79 percent believe they know the best places to get a slice in the town they live in. Of the survey respondents, 94 percent have eaten pizza within the past month of taking the survey. Additionally, almost 72 percent say they love pizza so much they could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (that's commitment!) without growing tired of it.

Some respondents are even willing to sacrifice a few things if it means they get free pizza in return. Thirty-seven percent are willing to have every movie for the next year spoiled for them to get free pizza for a year. Additionally, 33 percent would be willing to shave all of their hair from their body.

With a love so deep, it's no surprise that respondents have thoughts on the best pizza toppings. Pepperoni takes the top spot with 42 percent of survey takers favoring it. Sausage slid in as second at 39 percent, followed by onions (37 percent), anchovies (35 percent), pineapple (32 percent), and jalapeños at (27 percent). If the number of pineapple lovers shocks you, it's actually a contentious debate amongst respondents—33 percent say it doesn't belong on pizza, while 44 percent insist that it does.

Another divisive pizza debate? How you should eat your slice. While 28 percent eat it the traditional no-frills way, 18 percent prefer to eat the crust-first, 17 percent fold it in half, 14 percent sandwich two slices together, and eight percent reach for a knife and fork before enjoying a slice.

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