This Is What Martha Does Every Morning for Better Brain Health

Our founder follows a simple daily ritual for maintaining a sharp mind.

Martha Stewart in Sparkly Dress, Headshot
Photo: Courtesy of Martha Stewart

From building a successful lifestyle brand to hosting her own TV show, it's no secret that Martha is a busy person. With all that our multi-hyphenate founder has going on, it's hard not to wonder if she ever has time for herself. In a segment of The Dr. Oz Show that aired earlier last year, Martha video chatted from her kitchen and revealed how she prioritizes her health and shared her secrets for looking and feeling young.

"She's done it all and she looks ageless doing it," says Dr. Oz kicking off the segment. He then went on to introduce Martha to the audience, citing some of her many career highlights, including writing dozens of cookbooks, launching a frozen food line, cookware collection, magazine brand, and more. Despite all that she has to keep her busy each day, our founder told the audience that she still makes sticking with her healthy habits a priority. "It's exercise, it's good diet, a modicum amount of sleep," Martha says, admitting that, "I don't find sleep so interesting, but I know it's healthy and important."

Beyond staying active and maintaining a balanced diet, Martha makes a concerted effort to challenge her brain each day. "The first thing I do in the morning is a crossword puzzle to make sure I can still remember words," Martha says, part joking but also recognizing the importance of keeping your mind sharp. "I'm very busy and I just want to keep that vitality going," she adds.

After her morning crossword puzzle, Martha has her staple morning beverage: "I start my day religiously with my own homemade green juice that includes vegetables that come from my own greenhouse," she tells Dr. Oz. Her health-focused menu also includes a one-shot cappuccino with organic whole milk, as well as a half-cup of Main Grains Cracked Oats ($20 for two 2.4-pound bags, For lunch our founder enjoys three pieces of mozzarella cheese, carrots, celery, and "a lot of water." Dinner typically consists of fish or a vegetable-based entrée and "maybe a tiny cocktail. A little bit of vodka with a slice of my own homegrown orange with it, on the rocks," she says.

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