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We believe Dutch ovens are a must-have piece of cookware to keep in your kitchen. The thick-walled, lidded pots can be used practically every day to do everything from searing chicken and making stew to baking homemade bread in the oven. However, the internet recently discovered another way the kitchen staple is put to use—and it has nothing to do with cooking. Le Creuset, the ever-popular cookware brand, modified its signature bright orange Dutch oven to be used as bathroom sinks in its United States headquarters.

The discovery was first made on Reddit before it was shared by one user on Twitter with the caption, "I'm obsessed with the sinks inside the Le Creuset office." The photo depicts two oval-shaped Dutch ovens in the brand's signature orange hue being used as sink basins. Naturally, the comments rolled in as the post gained traction. Apartment Therapy reported that Redditors joked about making beef bourguignon while simultaneously brushing your teeth, but many internet users simply marveled at the impressive and unique design.

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven
Credit: Courtesy of Le Creuset

The Dutch oven sinks aren't the only unique part of Le Creuset's headquarters. In fact, the entire office is equally as creative and colorful. Its impressive kitchen features bright orange and green chairs for employees to enjoy lunch in, and the space has six different colored Dutch ovens on display. The building also has several different office and meeting spaces, an employee gym, and a demonstration kitchen with TV production capability.


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