The World Bought a Record $6.2 Billion Worth of Champagne Last Year


Whether you're celebrating New Year's Eve or an engagement—or simply jazzing up a normal Tuesday—nothing hits the spot like a glass of bubbly. While a flute of Champagne is often relegated to special occasions, it seems as though people all over the globe enjoyed the fizzy beverage year round in 2021. Despite pandemic lockdowns and restaurant and bar closures, the world bought more Champagne than ever last year.

Comité Champagne, a trade association that represents more than 16,000 independent Champagne producers and 320 Champagne houses, said Wednesday that France exported a record 180 million bottles of bubbly in 2021, an increase of 38 percent over the previous year. Additionally, CNN reported that global sales of sparkling wine were also up, reaching a record $6.2 billion in revenue.

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The trade association said that total shipments rose to 322 million bottles during 2021a 32 percent increase. "With tourism and the staging of events still reduced due to the health crisis, there is room to believe that home consumption has taken up the slack," Comité Champagne noted in a statement. "Consumers have chosen to entertain themselves at home, compensating for the generally gloomy mood with new moments of conviviality and sharing."

The increase in sales bumped Champagne drinking back to its pre-pandemic levels last year in France. The country's bubbly drinking habits accounted for a 25 percent increase in shipments (that's an extra 142 million bottles!). Maxime Toubart, co-president of Comité Champagne, said the bounceback was a "welcome surprise" after a difficult 2020.

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